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Just Add Fuzzy Socks

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 2:03pm

You guys should by these Chimala jeans because you’ll look like Angelo Flaccavento. Admit it, if Angelo was your friend, every time you’d see him you’d be all, “BOW! BOW! BOW! WAKA FLAKAVENTO!” which is probably why none of you...

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The 14 Most Swagged Out Pieces At H&M Right Now

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 1:35pm

As we try to connect more with our audience, the bosses here have told us to be a little more “of the people” and “affordable.” That means rather than rounding up “The 10 Best Parkas That Cost More Than Your...


As Per Usual, The Hemline Makes All The Difference

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 12:44pm

Aye, this McNairy shirt tail varsity is kinda genius. As per usual, the hemline makes all the difference. Without that, it’s just a regular, expensive varsity jacket that you would never buy. Now? It’s something you’d at least think about...

Four Pins Newsletter

Fuck Financial Stability

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 12:16pm

Iggy Pop never gave a fuck about financial stability. During The Stooges early years, Iggy and the rest of the band lived in a drug den called the “Fun House,” sold small amounts of heroin, shot up larger amounts of...

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Lean-To-Fat Ratios

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 11:49am

I kinda forgot how dope of a color combination khaki and navy can be. See, I’ve gone a bit colorblind over the past few months and have avoided anything in the brown family of colors, but sometimes I see something...


Wait, Sneakers In Winter?

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 11:22am

Unfortunately, we all remember the Sochi games earlier this year in which Nike outfitted all the U.S. Olympians with their very own pair of Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSBs in that black/volt colorway. Yeah, those were and are trash. There’s a...


Painkiller Reverie

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 10:51am

Goddamn, this long denim Junya jacket got me making weird fuckin’ noises, fam. Straight up, I don’t own a single denim jacket because I look stupid in denim jackets. Fair, right? But shit, this particular denim joint got me questioning...


Occasionally Seen On National Television

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Wed, 10.01.14 at 10:21am

Two days ago, when I wrote about that Captain Insane-o Ami belted cardigan, I mentioned how I knew exactly what I was going to pick out when I received the Carson Street newsletter. Well, that was a fucking lie because...


Sep 30th


All The Right Pieces In All The Right Places

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 5:00pm

Somehow, I always end up with outerwear that’s either grey or navy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Grey and navy are obviously great colors for outerwear, but there’s also something to be said about the greatness of a...

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Kate Moss: The “Common Bitch” Who Made It

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 4:19pm

Over at Jezebel, there’s currently a crazy excerpt of the book¬†Champagne Supernovas, a documentation by Maureen Callahan about the influential figures from the 90s who helped to transform the fashion world. One of the most notable figures is, of course,...


The Sign Of A True Alphet Creator

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 3:56pm

Yes, I already know that this is a really plain, really simple cardigan. I also already know that, given its provenance, I could’ve found a way crazier garment to have you look at. But you know what? The strength of...


Ascending The Asshole Rankings

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 3:21pm

Did you guys know Snow Peak makes clothing now? Me neither, but thankfully The Woodlands is out here providing product shots and detailed copy on this wool knit shirt. Snow Peak is dope because they make these really nice chopsticks....


NEEDS/WANTS Fall/Winter 2014 Is The Best Of Both Worlds

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 3:05pm

Toronto-based NEEDS/WANTS finally came through with that new. I’ll be honest, I was really waiting for this because I’ve never once in my life been disconnected from Instagram. So, naturally, I saw teasers for all this shit happening in real...

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Perfecto Brand By Schott Fall/Winter 2014 Is What The ’70s Were All About

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 2:15pm

Perfecto Brand by Schott just sent over their F/W 14 lookbook and, like all things Perfecto and Schott, it is rugged and leathery and workwear-y. Photographed by the homie Mikael Kennedy and featuring the other homie Zeph Colombatto trying his...


More Comfortable Than A Microwaved Sleeping Bag

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Tue, 09.30.14 at 1:55pm

We write about how New Balance makes great dad sneakers and are very geriatric and help you get your paternal swag game on another level, but not every New Balance release is solely for the cool dads out there amongst...