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Go Shopping With Lord Of Swag, E.J. Johnson

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Tue, 12.23.14 at 10:24am

Forgive us God, for we have sinned. We somehow missed this shopping video with E.J. Johnson that Yahoo! Style posted a few days ago. You have hopefully already acquainted yourself with E.J.’s amazing life as we posted about him a ...


Good For Office Synergy

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 4:57pm

NEW PICA POST ALERT NEW PICA POST ALERT. You fuckfaces need more ‘zines in your life. You need to hold something tangible in your hands so you can feel alive again. Why not a small publication that is super English ...


Become A Better Human Before You Buy Nice Things

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 4:07pm

Damn, Good Worth out here making stuff I didn’t even know I wanted, like these lighter cases. Do you guys fuck with BIC lighters? You guys probably have one of those cool Zippo lighters that cool guys with cool haircuts have. ...


Selling Baked Goods And Making Cocaine References

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 3:10pm

I can’t tell if I’ve written about these Reebok Classic Whites before. (Editor’s note: he hasn’t, which is why we’re posting them.) I probably have, but you know what? Fuck it. I’ll deal with the repercussions when they come. I really like ...


See The Full Balmain Ad Campaign Starring Kim And Kanye

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 2:23pm

Your daily Kim and Kanye headline here, reporting in to bring you the latest news on the world’s most talked about couple. This morning, Kim posted up an announcement to the world that, in addition to gracing the cover of Vogue ...


Like Finding A New Vein To Shoot Up

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 1:34pm

I’m really getting into socks. For a long time, due to the fact that I attended an all-boys Catholic prep school, I eschewed socks of all manner in all seasons. My classmates and I would refuse to wear socks despite the ...

fashion animals

Why Do Fashion Ads Use Animals So Often?

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 12:53pm

If you’re a Tyra Banks fan, you might associate the word “fierce” with fashion. You may then associate the word “fierce” with exotic animals that can rip your face off. Animals and fashion have worked together for decades, but why? ...

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The 14 People You Meet While Holiday Shopping

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 11:59am

The people ready and willing to shank you if you cut in line. ...


Growing A Beard On Your Forehead

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 10:53am

You guys ever wish you could grow a beard on your forehead? Me neither. But I fucking love this fuzzy mohair balaclava. I wish I could wear this mask in public, but I can’t. When you have a beard like mine, a bunch ...


New York City Street Style: December 22, 2014

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 10:07am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish. ...


Jocks & Nerds

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 5:04pm

I’m a big fan of quarterly magazines because you only have to pay for them four times a year. I never have subscriptions because I never have all the money up front. Magazines make me pay by the product, like ...


The Equally Terrifying And Magical World Of Being An Influential Amazon Reviewer

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 4:50pm

“Ali Julia” might be the most influential person on the Internet and you don’t even know who she is. Hell, she might not even be real. But you have probably read one of her reviews. “Ali Julia” is currently the ...

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Zeus Descending To The Mortal Plane

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 4:16pm

I feel like I just wrote about a Cash Ca sweatshirt. But, then again, I get a weird sense of déjà vu almost every time I write about a sweatshirt now, which is, like, all the fucking time in case ...


Kim Kardashian Tells Her Mom She Dresses Like Shit

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 3:44pm

In an effort to keep the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan amongst the most stylish families in the game, Kim sent this scathing email to her own flesh and blood, her mother, Kris. Knowing what it means to be a fashion disaster—as Kanye ...


Mr. Rogers Wanted You To Pirate His Show

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 3:19pm

This cardigan from Warehouse reminds me of the sporty cardigans that Mr. Rogers would rock on occasion. I went on a pretty deep Mr. Rogers Wikipedia dive just, like, five minutes ago. Did you guys know that Mr. Rogers’ office ...