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We Haven’t Even Scratched The Surface

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 3:12pm

I hope you guys haven’t sold or given away all your shawls to your little brothers or struggle cousins in college. We haven’t even scatched the surface of all the stupid and affected ways of wearing this shit. Personally, I’m ...


Bespoken Spring/Summer 2015 Hits All The Right Notes

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 2:37pm

People who listen to jazz are the worst. The only reason I say that is because the points all jazz devotees bring up are so nonsensical that they make me want to kill myself, not, in fact, to listen to ...


Floating Into Seeding Lists

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 2:07pm

I WANT A SHOP COAT SO BADLY, YOU GUYS. But not a real, actual shop coat because I don’t work with my hands or in a shop. I want an expensive Japanese shop coat to wear with the collar up ...

obama apec

You Can Cop Obama’s Dope Star Trek Outfit For $130

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 1:40pm

If you follow politics at all, and particularly political fashion, you may have noticed that APEC 2014 was going down. While the world’s leaders gathered together to discuss Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (BORINGGGGGG, but probably important or some shit), the foreign ...


Raising A Ruckus With Drag-On

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 1:20pm

Aye, we got some new Wil Fry on deck. Particularly, these oversized Japanese sports mesh jerseys. The front yoke is a nice touch and the all murdered out ones (an online exclusive) are definitely killer. I would wear this and ...

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How J.Crew Comes Up With Its Weird Names For Colors

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 1:07pm

Have you ever noticed that J.Crew has some fucking bonkers color names? Like, “faded ebony,” “driftwood” and “vintage merlot”? And those are just the men’s colors. You can’t stick to normal shit like “pink” or “blue.” No, no, that’s real ...


What Your Jeans Say About You

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 12:29pm

Searching for a indigo-stained truth. ...


Indie Surf Brands Flourish While Billabong And Quiksilver Falter

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 11:26am

Over at Business of Fashion, Lauren Sherman has a good piece about how indie surf brands have risen to the forefront in the past few years. This rise comes counter to the steep downturn of brands like Billabong and Quiksilver, once ...


The Week In NBA Style: November 14, 2014

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 11:00am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association. ...

Watch Dan Bilzerian Shoot The Shit Out Of Some Fake Ass Watches

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 10:45am

Remember Dan Bilzerian? The legendary dude who is crazy rich and attempts to spend his money in the most egregious ways possible? He’s pretty much the definition of “money can’t buy class” or “douchebag” or “asshole,” but he owns that ...


Spoon-Fed Realness

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 10:36am

Wow, UNIONMADE convinced Levi’s Vintage Clothing to do their first collaboration with this hand-dyed indigo sweatshirt. 1940s style sweatshirts are some of the illest sweatshirt silhouettes. They got that inset “V” detail and a slightly boxier body. I like the ...


Lululemon Continues Pushing Menswear Agenda With Men’s-Only Store In SoHo

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Thu, 11.13.14 at 5:24pm

According to WWD, that Lululemon SoHo men’s store that was set to open in 2016 is hitting the fast-forward button. It’s actually going to open on Black Friday. It will be the brands first men’s-only store amongst the 270 locations it ...


Rick Owens, Furniture Designer, Opens Exhibition In New York City

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Thu, 11.13.14 at 4:01pm

What’s that? You were unaware that Rick Owens makes furniture? Wow, you are such an uncultured ape. Style Dot Com got the exclusive look at some of Dicky O’s most recent work you can drop into your home. Apparently, he ...


Broccoli And Cabbage And Shit

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Thu, 11.13.14 at 3:48pm

I know everyone is doing noragis with cuffs now, but, really, there are more western style noragis on the market than there are individuals who actually look cool in them. Instead of a noragi, you really should get a jacket ...


The Best Twitter Is This Men’s Wearhouse Parody Account

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Thu, 11.13.14 at 3:12pm

There isn’t much room for parody in the fashion business. We pretty much already have that covered with Michael Kors’s steady stream of brilliant insight. But then, a contender emerges. Of course, it takes to clowning on the most basic ...