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Complete And Utter Turtleneck Conjecture

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 3:18pm

This turtleneck sweater made by Inis Meain features a textured pattern made to evoke the stone walls that stretch over 1,500 miles of the company’s namesake island, which is a really nice fact to know, I guess. A more important...


Pigalle And Stephane Ashpool Balance Breaking Out With Staying Local

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 2:46pm

Over at The New York Times, Matthew Schneier dives into the history and culture surrounding one of the most popular streetwear brands out today and its somewhat mysterious founder, Pigalle’s Stephane Ashpool. Overall, the piece is a fascintaing look at how...


You’re Either “In” Or “Out”

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 2:01pm

Gramicci makes these hippie pants for, like, $50 and I’m super into them. I love the way all hippie outdoor pants have a backpack buckle instead of a button. There’s something satisfying about clicking your pants closed like a goddamn...

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Korea’s Dating Scene Goes Full-Blown Matchy-Matchy

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 1:16pm

Refinery 29 posted up this story after we had checked out for the weekend, but in Korea matching couples are apparently a serious, full-blown thing. Like, we’re talking phone calls before meeting up for dates to MAKE SURE they match, rather...


Just Say No To Weak Ass Cuffs

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 12:50pm

Officine Generale is one of those relatively young brands that hasn’t quite figured out that it can charge way more for its items than it currently does. I mean, not to give you any ideas or anything, Officine. This is...


Commonplace Alternatives Are The Antithesis To Stunting

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 12:18pm

These A.P.C. boots are basically black Timbs, but not. So, you could just always just buy a pair of black Timbs. Consider this post kinda like the recipes you watch on Mind of a Chef where they use a really...


Side-Eyed To Hell And Back

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 12:03pm

Did you guys realize that Velcro® is a proper name? Like, when East Dane wrote the product description of this Patrik Ervell field jacket, they had to drop the registered trademark in there for legal purposes? I mean, stuff like...


Overcoming The Shame

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 11:37am

SASQUATCHfabrix consistently produce the firest of fire product, but then you remember their name is fucking “SASQUATCHfabrix;” a name so lame, you kinda don’t wanna buy their fire. “Keep your weird fire to yourself, fam,” you whisper to yourself, as...


An Ode To Vacation Dads

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 11:17am

The ripstop nylon chest pocket on this sweatshirt is so dope I wish I could do an entire post about it even though I know I wouldn’t ever use it for anything other than adding a nice visual detail to...


Midway Through A Game Of Pocket Pool

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Mon, 10.27.14 at 11:00am

I usually hate exposed stitching, but this Wings + Horns coat is pushing me in the opposite direction. Like, I get that I should be all refined and sophisticated and talk to you guys about how clean stitching doesn’t need...


New York City Street Style: October 27, 2014

Written by
Mon, 10.27.14 at 10:27am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish....


Oct 24th


A Carefully Considered $250 Wall Calendar

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Fri, 10.24.14 at 4:45pm

This, my friends, is a $250 wall calendar. I know, your phone comes with, like, as many calendars as you want, but you need to spend more of your disposable income on things like aluminum perpetual wall calendars because that’s...


Discerning Long Shirt Consumers

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Fri, 10.24.14 at 4:14pm

There’s a lot of long shirts out in the world right now. This is fantastic because the long shirt consumer can afford to be more discerning than ever. If I was one of the millionaires on that show Shark Tank...


Hurry Up And Button Your Jacket Or You’ll Miss The Bus

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Fri, 10.24.14 at 3:38pm

Wow man, I usually only fuck with Kapital garments when they’re indigo-dyed, but this wool coat with a trillion clasps has really got me going. This thing is Kapital all the way, but not blue, so it’s pretty confusing because of...


Hugh Hefner’s Bedsheets

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Fri, 10.24.14 at 2:28pm

MKI recently dropped a collection of treated nylon garments and this rider jacket (in both black and olive) is probably my favorite piece from the set. It’s a really simple jacket, but has all the necessary details one would want...