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Maia Brings Nepal To FairEnds

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 2:55pm

My favorite hat company in the fucking universe, FairEnds, just teamed up with Maia Ruth Lee for these Nepali fabric caps. They are dope because Maia sourced the fabric in Kathmandu so this shit’s the real deal. She’s a true...


Meet “The Most Photographed Man In New York” (Spoiler Alert: He Sucks)

Written by
Thu, 08.21.14 at 2:06pm

I’m not exactly sure what the point of this NYT story is, but, then again, I’m never really all that sure about any NYT story in the Styles section. Apparently, homeboy “Di Mondo” (which means “of the world,” his real name is...


An Ode To An Old Hustle

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 1:31pm

An old bard has knocked on the city gates once again after being exiled in the past due to extreme fuckery. One hears that the old bard goes by the name of Lupe Fiasco and this time around returns with...

Four Pins Newsletter

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Cuffs

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 1:10pm

What the actual fuck, Nanamica? Jesus Christ guys, these pants define nxt lvl. They’re dress pants meets joggers. But they’re the type of pants only dudes on the shorter end of the spectrum can pull off. If you’re too tall...


Passing Along Bad Taste

Written by
Thu, 08.21.14 at 12:23pm

Every time I write about sneakers I get filled with this existential dread that Schlossman will turn to Skylar and be like, “Yo Bergl, check out this fucking piece of garbage sneaker Moy picked.” And then Bergl will turn to...


Flex On Your Co-Workers

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 11:51am

Everyone come see how good these new Adidas ZX Fluxes look. As Adidas continues its efforts to match the cool factor of Nike, the ZX Flux seems to be the one model everyone can agree is extremely fucking lit. While the...


Cam’s Killa Robe

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 11:35am

“My team is the Goonies, we were seen with buffoonies/Toonies, best dressed, stay up in Neiman’s and Bloomies” – Cameron Ezike Giles I was gonna type all the lyrics to that song because it’s the fucking best, but I wasn’t...


So Technological

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 11:13am

You guys probably don’t listen to me much, so it doesn’t matter how much I actually know about construction or the dying process of fashion items. Fortunately, I don’t know much to begin with, so it’s not like you’re missing...


Two Rack Ricky

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 10:44am

Wow, my frenemy Rick Owens actually made something I would wear every single day. This hooded cardigan is so dope. It’s got literally got everything: side seam pockets, that dope double-breasted button detail at the collar and, oh yeah, it’s...


We Need To Talk About These Margiela Yeezus Tour Sneakers

Written by
Thu, 08.21.14 at 10:21am

Life imitates art and art imitates life, but please for the sake of Christ, don’t imitate this furry mess. A lot of y’all animal intolerant fashion apprentices are breathin’ heavy for this kind of swag. That’s cool and everyone has...


Aug 20th


Be Careful Not To Appropriate Too Much Culture

Written by
Wed, 08.20.14 at 5:56pm

Skateboarder Alex Olson’s brand Bianca Chandon has kinda blown up. Its clothing is now stocked at a few big retailers around the world and goes to show the increasing skate culture influence in menswear. We wrote about the brand when...


Drake Vs. Lil Wayne: The Saving Grace Of An Otherwise Unfortunate Existence

Written by
Wed, 08.20.14 at 5:11pm

I’m flying to Paris tonight without a return ticket because I feel terrible about life. The last time I saw Drake—two weeks ago at OVO Fest—I was probably the happiest I’ve ever been. Now, the drugs are destroying me and...


Watanabe Touches™

Written by
Wed, 08.20.14 at 4:32pm

Do you guys even wear Junya anymore? Did you guys ever even own Junya? Remember when all we wanted was a little Junya in our lives? Now, we want double layer shorts, stupid sneakers and rare weaves. Well, I mean,...


All You Need Is The Coat, The Rest Will Come

Written by
Wed, 08.20.14 at 4:02pm

Stephan Schneider stays killing it. This coat is a certified Editor Coat™. It’s got a an alpaca blend outer, shawl collar, hidden side seam pockets and—what should NEVER be overlooked—the perfect length. Seriously, once you buy this coat you will...


Dot Luxury Domains Now Available, We Frantically Switch Our URL

Written by
Wed, 08.20.14 at 3:27pm

Listen the fuck up, everyone, because Four Pins is about to switch it up. WWD reports that the newest domain extension just added to the world wide web is dot luxury, as in “.luxury”. For the halfwits out there who have...