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So, How Do Street Style Photographers Make Money?

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Mon, 03.17.14 at 11:14am

FASHIONISTA CAME V CORRECT WITH THE BREAKING NEWS ON HOW STREET STYLE PHOTOGRAPHERS MAKE MONEY. Who woulda thunk it was by selling their photographs?! I had no idea street style bloggers were the only bloggers who actually made money off...


New York City Street Style: March 17, 2014

Written by
Mon, 03.17.14 at 10:57am

George Elder snaps NYC’s most stylish....


The Women Of SXSW

Written by
Mon, 03.17.14 at 10:35am

Meet the ladies of Austin, Texas....

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Mar 14th


Gap’s New Retail Concept Is More Than Random Piles Of Strewn About Clothing

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 4:49pm

Gap just announced their new “Lived In” store concept, which basically means they’ve created a retail space that appears to be more local and artisinal and not like it was erected overnight in the middle of your high school cafeteria...


Being Contrarian Isn’t Cute Anymore

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 3:13pm

AMI just came through with this western shirt. If you guys haven’t noticed yet, Four Pins loves it some westerns, which means you dickheads will probably concoct some reason to not love westerns. QUIT BEING CONTRARIAN. That shit isn’t cute...


The Untucked Jerseys Heard Round The World

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Fri, 03.14.14 at 2:08pm

Welsey Morris, the immensely talented, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer for Grantland, recently took the time to outline the sartorial importance of the 1977 Marquette Warriors’ untucked basketball jerseys. Even today, the idea of athletes on the court rocking their uniforms untucked...


This Is What A $70,000 Jacket Looks Like

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 1:32pm

SSENSE sells this Calvin Klein Collection alligator biker jacket. A few things: For starters, did you guys know “SSENSE” is pronounced “essence”? I KNOW, RIGHT, THAT SHIT MAKES ZERO SSSSSSSENSE. You can’t put multiple letters in a name and not...


Toying With Dress Codes

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 1:10pm

I would buy these Dries Van Noten sweatpants and go to really fancy restaurants and clubs that have strict “no jerseys or sweatpants” dress codes, just toying with motherfuckers, like I wish you would say some shit. And when the...


A Sneaker OG’s Open Letter To #Menswear

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Fri, 03.14.14 at 12:37pm

Dear #Menswear, Once upon a time there was a distinct separation between childhood and adulthood. Children wore T-shirts and sneakers, adults wore suits and shoes. There was some crossover of course—kids dressing up for church, adults playing basketball or changing...


Buying Sneakers In 2008

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Fri, 03.14.14 at 12:10pm

Jack Purcell’s are typically pretty unassuming (in 2008, I bought a pair from J.Crew as my first real “#menswear sneaker”), but lately we’ve seen a couple pairs that look like they intend to stand out. Yesterday, we brought you a...


Weirdly Shaped Couches In The Back Corner Of The Function

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 11:49am

Normally when I think of Nanamica, I think of Gore-Tex and jackets and the ocean and shit like that. But then I remember they make dope sweatshirt like this joint with a v rare take on the kangaroo pocket. Technically,...


The Four Pins Guide To Lying About Your Clothing Addiction

Written by
Fri, 03.14.14 at 11:28am

How to have your poncho and wear it too....


Google To Continue Plot For Global Domination With New SoHo Store

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Fri, 03.14.14 at 11:00am

Without Google, our world would be royally fucked. Chances are I wouldn’t know most of the things I know if it weren’t for the search engine, and I sure as shit wouldn’t have graduated high school or college. Sidebar: Shouts...


Mar 13th


Quit Being Greedy

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Thu, 03.13.14 at 5:48pm

This Western shirt from Engineered Alphets is about as good as it gets, guys. Sorry if you had bigger hopes and dreams for your life because this is basically it. This is the pinnacle. The apex. The summit. End of...


Pocket Genres

Written by
Thu, 03.13.14 at 5:22pm

Stephan Schneider calls this thing a “portable shirt-jacket.” Wait, what shirt, jacket and/or shacket isn’t portable? Stephan, hit me up on the Four Pins hotline, I got some semantics to talk to you about, bruh. But more importantly, hit me...