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Delikatessen Fall/Winter 2015 Is For Salad Eaters

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 4:36pm

Delikatessen, like Rich Homie Quan, will never stop going in with its explanations of inspiration. For S/S 15, the brand was all about the fava bean. Now, for F/W 15, it dove deep into the world of, and this is ...



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Tue, 02.10.15 at 4:13pm

Holy shit, fuck yeah, FPAR! This Forty Percent Against Rights jacket reminds me of those FBI jackets that FBI guys always wear the movies, which is, I guess, the entire point. Back in my elementary school days, I was very ...


Jean Touitou Gives First Interview Since Racist Debacle, Still Talks His Shit

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 3:55pm

The controversial A.P.C. F/W 15 presentation was well-documented and the fallout from Jean Touitou’s misguided choice of words was swift. Now, he gives his first real interview since the incident with The Guardian. Touitou is well-known as one of the ...


There Are Consequences Ever On The Internet

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 3:38pm

Yaeca is a great brand. I know that’s sort of an unqualified statement, but this is the Internet so I’m allowed to make whatever kind of unqualified statement I want. Or not, I mean, there are consequences even on the ...

ETQ Amsterdam - Spring Summer 2015 - 02

ETQ Spring/Summer 2015 And The Importance Of Waxed Laces

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 3:14pm

Designer sneakers are pretty much the Four Pins M.O. And while it’s almost impossible to go against the stalwart that is and seemingly always will be Common Projects, there are other brands out here dropping pretty great shit, ETQ Amsterdam ...


Kanye Went Grey So We Can Finally Go Red Again

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 2:26pm

Now that the Yeezy Boosts have officially been unveiled, are you guys breathing a sigh of relief? If you love them, you’re scheming on a way to get them and/or already have the “Yeeezy Boost trash” tweets drafted loaded up ...

nba fashion

The First Ever NBA Fashion Show Is Happening This Weekend (And It’s 100% Guaranteed To Be Wack)

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 2:07pm

The equally everlasting and utterly delusional “NBA players are stylish” discussion continues as NBA All-Star Weekend will host the first ever NBA fashion show this Friday, produced by LeBron James and airing on TNT this Saturday, February 14th. The creatively ...

COVER. Menswear Dog The New Classics Lo Res

A Dog Wearing Clothing Has Its Own Book And You Do Not

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 1:22pm

Guys, that dog who wears clothing and makes more money than you do now has a book too. I repeat, Menswear Dog is releasing a fucking book, entitled Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man. ...


If You’re Insecure, You May Avoid Certain “Prestigious” Brands

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 12:40pm

Knowledge time, everyone! According to a recent study that examined our attachment, association and connection to certain brand names, insecure people are more likely to avoid certain labels. Yes, that sounds exceedingly simple, but New York Mag breaks it down into ...


The Four Pins Guide To Driving

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 12:22pm

Americans drive cars. There are only a few cities in America where you don’t need a car. One of those cities invented Uber, another has 50,000 taxis and the other has a convenient above ground train. Even if you don’t ...

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.03.29 AM

OAMC Fall/Winter 2015 Is From The Near Future

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 11:15am

I would give you the play-by-play of my thoughts as I scrolled through this OAMC (who have officially shortened their name, much like everyone these days) lookbook, but because there are roughly ten thousand things bombarding my dome, I’ll spare ...

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.44.25 PM

Needles Fall/Winter 2015 Requires Some Restraint

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 10:51am

With stuff like engineer boots, mohair cardigans and coats with a legit ass rope closure across the waist, Needles’ F/W 15 collection takes a lot of gusto to wear with confidence. We’re talking confidence on a “I have been single ...


“Fashion Bros!” New York Fahsion Week Extravaganza: Part II

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 10:26am

Clothes before hoes. ...


Shopping Japan With Four Pins: ROOTS To BRANCHES, Nakameguro

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 9:42am

"Shopping Japan With Four Pins" is an ongoing series in which Amardeep Singh takes us on a tour of the country's best shops. ...


Biannual > Quarterly

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Mon, 02.09.15 at 5:17pm

I’m down with Openhouse Magazine because it’s published biannually. And I can get all the way down with biannual jobs. I’m just out here trying to work twice a year. I understand that everyone on the Openhouse staff works more ...