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Some Kind Of Wonderful Blazer

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 1:32pm

We’re still staunchly anti-stiffs over here. Ain’t no $4,000 suits up in this bitch. But it’s good to have a blazer you can toss on and look put together for once, yet also drop that shit real casual with a...


So En Pointe

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 1:12pm

Do you even know what “en pointe” means, dawgie? *Drops knowledge bomb*. This wallet is literally en pointe as fuck because it’s covered with swords. Unfortunately, it’s also Dolce & Gabbana, which offsets the en pointe score a bit. D&G...


How To Build Your Personal Brand According To The Wall Street Journal

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 12:50pm

The Wall Street Journal is out of control. Who even reads articles that are all about developing your personal presence IRL and on the Internet? NOT THIS GUY.  LOL I’M NOT PAYING TO READ THIS, I’M JUST GONNA JUDGE IT...

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Le Protocole Outlook Spring/Summer 2015 Goes Archaeological

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 12:38pm

You ever heard of Le Protocole Outlook? Me neither, that is until they hit me with their S/S 15 lookbook because I’m out here helping people achieve their dreams. The French-Canadian brand from Quebec, founded in 2010, appeases the menswear...


Dazed Goes Inside Mike The Ruler And Friends’ World

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 12:10pm

Dazed just took a journey into 14-year-old fashion muse Mike The Ruler’s kingdom and, to be completely honest with you, shit got real weird, real quick. The scene in Mike’s parents’ upper west side apartment is not unlike the scenes...


Don’t Even Bother Reading This If You Didn’t Play Pokemon

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 11:53am

Goddamn! Goddamn! Goddamn! The boy Yohji went in on this one. Long coats are the shit and, if you’re not on that hype already, you need to get on it right fucking now. That said, this particular joint might be...


Head Coach And 9/11 Truther Pete Carroll Gives A Training Camp Speech To The Defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 11:31am

Alright, bring it in, guys. Great hustle out there. Really great stuff. Now, I know it’s hot out—I mean, not hot enough to melt steel or anything, but still pretty hot—so I don’t have to remind you how important it...


Selling That Shit Straight To Jiro

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 11:17am

Remember when “fun shirts” were a thing, like, two years ago? All those dudes walking around the city in their mismatched, way too colorful shirts from Brooks Brothers or Polo who looked like they had the name ROY G. BIV...


American Pervert: Is Hipster Fashion Porn A Legitimate Critique Of The Fashion Industry?

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 10:48am

On August 1st, 2014, I received an email from Lawrence Schlossman, Four Pins Editor-in-chief, asking me to write about American Pervert, a website he described as, “A hardcore porn site that plays off the popularity of Terry Richardson, American Apparel...


So Gangster, So Poor

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Thu, 08.07.14 at 10:27am

Wow, this Han Kjobenhavn half-zip (though, more like a quarter-zip, amirite?) sweatshirt is kind of out there. But it’s all in how you style it. Maybe don’t wear it all that tight, but instead a little loosey-goosey. Wear it underneath...


Aug 6th


BFF’s With Daiki

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Wed, 08.06.14 at 5:44pm

YES LAWD. OH LAWD. I’m still talking about EG like none of us have heard of it before. This M41 jacket is everything you want a jacket to be and more. It looks super plain, but then it’s got them...


Avoid Having To Admit That You’re Wearing Something From The Gap

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Wed, 08.06.14 at 5:00pm

I’m a big fan of shorts in the summer because I’m a big fan of avoiding turning my genitals into a fucking bog. I can’t even fathom how some of you guys wear really tight black denim when it’s hot...


Gotta Keep Things Tight And Moisturized

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Wed, 08.06.14 at 4:45pm

Remember when Raf did the dip-dye sweaters and everyone shit their collective pants? And remember when Acne did it at a more accessible pricepoint and every peasant out there who hadn’t already ruined all their old sweaters trying to DIY...


Dank Parkas And Brick Breakfast Sandwiches

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Wed, 08.06.14 at 4:14pm

You ever get super into a parka and then I realized it was made by A.P.C.? I seriously don’t own anything by A.P.C. and it’s not because I don’t like the brand. I fucking love super minimal expensive basics. Like,...


Thoroughly Real

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Wed, 08.06.14 at 3:58pm

Crew necks are that piece everyone says you need, but you probably don’t need, but you buy anyway because it seems like a good idea, but then you see everyone else at the annual homecoming bonfire in the same heather...