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Tactical Operations At Trader Joe’s

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 5:11pm

We can all agree that Stone Island is the fucking best, right? This cotton mac thing reminds me of those dope arctic warfare kits soldiers who get to ski always wear, like in that violent, wintry dreamworld scene from Inception. ...

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The Heir To Fashion Royalty Who Gave Up Everything To Become A Buddhist Monk

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 4:35pm

It’s not every day that you read about something this bizarre in the world of fashion, but if you know who Diana Vreeland is—arguably one of the most well-known Vogue editor-in-chiefs after, say, Anna Wintour—then you’ll realize how insane the ...

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MKI’s New Overcoats Are Sexier Than Karlie Kloss

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 4:10pm

Listen here, MKI consistently KILLS IT. Period. End of discussion. That’s all I really need to say, but this new drop of overcoats is peak killing it. Available in both single and double breasted versions, these six new coats are ...

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Engineered Garments’ Spring/Summer 2015 Video Lookbook Will Strain Your Relationship With Every Other Brand

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 3:20pm

You guys ever have switch schools, but stay in the same town? In 8th grade I switched from public to private school, but to my public school best friend Derek, I was like, “No worries famotron, those nerds over there ...


This Guy Used To Work At Bain And Now Sells Fashionable Overalls On Kickstarter

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 2:55pm

Bain & Company is an organization probably most famous for being associated with former presidential candidate, the “Stormin’ Mormon,” Mitt Romney, who at two different times served as a Vice President and interim CEO of the company. By all accounts, ...


If You Were An Article Of Clothing, What Would You Be?

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 2:26pm

The more I think about it, the more I realize that if I were to somehow turn into an article of clothing, it would most definitely be a cotton/cashmere blend sweatshirt, like this joint from Dana Lee. I mean, I ...

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Go Inside The Stone Island Archives

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 1:56pm

Highsnobiety posted up a really dope look at the Stone Island archives in Italy, speaking with CEO Carlo Rivetti about some of the processes that happen inside the facility. All the English hooligan associations aside, the brand has carved out ...

scott wiener pizza

Spend A Day With New York’s Most Pretentious Pizza Expert

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 1:07pm

If you’re based in New York, you know that pizza is love, pizza is life. It’s a cheap, convenient option for food when you’re hammered or about to get hammered immediately afterward. It really is this beautiful, perfect way to ...


AARP Chaining Day

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 12:43pm

FUCK YEAH, I JUST FOUND SOME MORE LUXE CROAKIES. Listen Internet fam, I love a good luxe croakie. See, I’m getting on up there in years and sometimes I just like taking my glasses off when I’m pausing for a ...

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Adidas’ Influencer Expert Breaks Down Their Collaborations (Oh Yeah, And That Adidas x Kanye Stuff)

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 12:08pm

Complex Sneakers locked down an exclusive interview with Jon Wexler of Adidas. If you don’t know who Wexler is, he’s pretty much the man breaking necks and cashing checks when it comes to who Adidas chooses to collaborate with. Seeing ...


Shrouded In Flakes

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 12:00pm

Time for a nice Donegal mackintosh. The color is perfect aka black with just enough speckling to make it different from the other black overcoat you have. You would look so murderous with this over an all black getup. When ...


The Stumblr

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 11:35am

It’s Wednesday night in February and I’m dying for a cigarette. The coat check girl has been talking at me for the last 10 seconds, but “6 God” came on as soon as she opened her mouth, so I haven’t ...

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Turning Roadkill Into Fur Coats

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 11:02am

Sometimes you just gotta hit up Modern Farmer for the latest fashion news, bros. It’s that simple. Which is exactly how I came across this piece about Petite Mort, the company revolutionizing the outdated fur industry by using recycled roadkill. My ...


The Beatles Sucked

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 10:25am

Before you guys get even more judgmental than you already are about these Needles boots, maybe fucking relax for a second. Sure, they look like boots you would wear if you were an old white retiree who spends the winters ...


A Pistachio McFlurry Abroad

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Tue, 12.02.14 at 4:14pm

You guys tired of jackets with extended aprons/waistlines yet? Me neither. I’m assuming the extended hemlines can be snapped up so that these turbo Cash Ca coats can animorph into slightly less turbo coats. But maybe not. I can’t read ...