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You Better Mention Us In Your Memoirs

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 1:15pm

Does Christopher Raeburn read Four Pins? Most definitely. The boy knows about the things we love, as demonstrated by this somehow actually affordable olive green funnel collar parka. Huge flappy pockets? Drawstring waistband? The fabled double zipper? Eleven out of ...


You Can Wear Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note If You’re A Dick

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 12:47pm

In the latest line of super great ideas to put on clothing comes this revelation: screen-printing the suicide note of one of the ’90s most influential and revered singer-songwriters on a T-shirt. The shirt originally surfaced on Etsy but was taken down ...


Margiela Changed Its Name And Nobody Even Noticed

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 12:05pm

Name changes tend to be a big deal in fashion. Like, a BIG deal. They represent a literal and/or metaphorial changing of the guard. And recently, there’s been no more recognizable changing of the guard than Margiela appointing John Galliano as ...


Thinking About Sneakers For A Week Straight

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 11:37am

Normally I’m an all white Reeboks kind of guy, but these brown Reeboks are the new pair of sneakers I’m going to think about for, like, a week straight. I’ll imagine how dope my too short navy trousers would look paired with ...

hm coachella

H&M Is Collaborating With Coachella On A Clothing Line

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 11:09am

We already understand that Coachella is pretty much the worst, but there are steps being taken to ensure that it is indeed the worst thing in existence. For instance, the news that H&M collaborating with Coachella on a clothing line. Apparently, ...


Putting “Certified Influencer” On Your Resume

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 10:30am

This Paul Smith shirt features sashiko checked fabric woven in Japan. It also has a relaxed fit and reinforced elbows which make it perfect for you to layer underneath all those fancy cardigans you’ve been busy buying, especially if one of ...


Why “Made In Portugal” Is The New Wave

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 4:58pm

If you’re the type to pay close attention to where your clothes or shoes are being manufactured, you may have noticed that “Made In Portugal” has become more and more commonplace lately. In fact, between 2006 and 2013, Portgual’s leather ...


That’s The Shit We Don’t Like, But Fall For All The Time

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 4:02pm

These WTAPS sneakers are basically Converse sneakers, but they cost $180 dollars and instead of the big ass Converse logo they have WTAPS’ cool ass serial number logo thing. Why buy these instead of the much more affordable aforementioned Converse ...


Patagonia Is Cool Again!

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 3:47pm

#TREND #REPORT: All across the fashion world, fleecy jackets are cool again. And at the top of the heap is Patagonia aka Patagucci aka Pataguccinelli. All over the place, designer brands are turning out their own fleece jackets to capitalize on ...


Meet The World’s First Weed Style Writer

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 3:27pm

You’re probably wondering why you’re looking at a picture of a woman in a grow room. Well, it’s because this woman, Katie Shapiro, is a style writer. Wait, let me correct that, she’s the world’s first “weed style writer,” which, ...


The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From London Collections: Men Fall/Winter 2015: Part I

Written by
Mon, 01.12.15 at 2:58pm

F/W 15 is here. ...


Nobody Wants To See How You’re Improving Yourself

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 2:09pm

Fuck yeah, small tiny details on an otherwise innocuous oxford cloth button down shirt. You guys still fucking with Thom Browne or have you moved on completely from wearing shirts with collars? Good thing I don’t give a fuck about ...


Current State Of Affairs: Asian Fetish

Written by
Mon, 01.12.15 at 1:45pm

Raise your hand if you’re still tryna be struggle Hirokis? No one? YEAH FUCKING RIGHT. We’re all tryna be struggle Hirokis. And a struggle Hiroki would definitely cop this Naked & Famous denim noragi thing. How do you guys even ...


Shopping Japan With Four Pins: Minotaur, Tokyo

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 1:09pm

"Shopping Japan With Four Pins" is an ongoing series in which Amardeep Singh takes us on a tour of the country's best shops. ...


The Law Of Notfuckingwit

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Mon, 01.12.15 at 12:42pm

You guys fuck with tie-dye, right? ME NEITHER. But this Paul Smith tie-dye hoodie is an absolute exception to the Law of Notfuckingwit. The splodges of color on the interior are subtle enough to not look like tie-dye, but obvious ...