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My Mom Found Out How Much I Spend On Clothes And Sent Me An Email About It

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Wed, 10.15.14 at 12:04pm

My mom sent me the following email. It sat in my inbox, unread, until I had a double whiskey in my system. Her original email is presented here without any edits, followed by my commentary....


The Loser’s Guide To Cuffing Season

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Wed, 10.15.14 at 11:45am

How to make the most of your time alone....


Never Trust Meteorologists

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Wed, 10.15.14 at 11:11am

Ponchos are an item that looks super dope in product shots and hanging on hangers in stores, but, when you finally put one on, you run the risk of looking like a fucking mushroom. And, no, not the good kind....

Four Pins Newsletter

None Of This Is Autobiogrphical

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Wed, 10.15.14 at 10:35am

Uniform Experiment is one of my favorite brands that I own zero pieces of. Like, I really want this mixed media pullover thing. I like it because it has enough buttons for you to take the shirt off regular style,...


Oct 14th


Rappers Ruin Everything

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 4:48pm

MKI is fucking killing it with these plain ass “Staple Sweaters” in both navy and grey. Well, they’re not the plainest sweatshirts out there, but they’re pretty fucking plain compared to some of the streetwear I see on Tumblr. Moving...


Fabrics Like Organ Donors

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 4:04pm

There’s something bout the four-button double breasted closure that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m so used to the six-button version that any coats with four just looks incomplete. I gotta have those buttons on my nipples, dude. OK, that...

etq 1

Flossing The Embossed Croc

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 3:27pm

ETQ Amsterdam makes fashion sneakers that aren’t super expensive and don’t come off as, ya know, fashion sneakers. They’re v nondescript and incognito if that’s your thing. They’re never overly adorned with weird materials or shiny shit either. They’re just...


Care Package Potential

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 2:52pm

I fucking love rollnecks—FUCKING LOVE THEM. While my first rollneck was a J.Crew joint, the one that really did it for me was this number from Abercrombie & Fitch that my parents bought for me at the Mall of America...


The 23 Most Swagged Out Items At Topman Right Now

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 1:59pm

Alright, you guys owe me one. I’m out here slogging in the fields to find clothing items that are affordable for you. It’s a tough task man. Okay, fine, Zara and H&M were pretty easy. Zara just knocks off high-fashion...


The Dangers Of Mesh

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 1:18pm

Take a quick look at this shirt from Études. It just looks like your typical overpriced black shirt, right? And we all really hate it when brands overcharge for basics, right? Yeah, I know, it’s super fucking annoying. But with...


A “Ninja Suit” For Camping That Just Makes You Look Like A Murderer

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 12:38pm

Do you know what an “Airblaster” is? No, it’s not a weird sexual maneuver that one kid in 8th grade insisted he did with Jessica L. in the closet during 7 minutes in heaven at Joey’s basement birthday party. It’s...


Meet Me Outside Uniqlo

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 12:09pm

Have you guys gotten enough long pullovers yet? NOPE. How do I know? BECAUSE I DECIDE. It’s like when your parents used to pick out your dinners for you. You’d be like, “Mom, Shake ‘n Bake again?! What the fuck?!”...


Providing A Service To You, The Reader

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 11:43am

I don’t usually buy into reversible items. What always ends up happening is that one side is so much better than the other that there’s no real point to wearing the reversed side because it just doesn’t feel as good....


How To Spend A Classy Tuesday Afternoon

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 11:10am

Guys, remember when we all wore tailored jackets to brunch and stuff? WHAT WERE WE THINKING? I mean, we could’ve been wearing jackets to nice dinners and the orchestra and even the occasional meal at Chipotle, but to brunch? That...


LÉON Fall/Winter 2014 Goes Independent

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Tue, 10.14.14 at 10:45am

Peter Nguyen’s brand LÉON just relaunched with a proper F/W 2014 collection that’s heavily spiced with that signature New York City flavor. Nguyen, a former design assistant at Robert Geller, spent the past year or so being scouted by a...