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New York City Street Style: November 10, 2014

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Mon, 11.10.14 at 10:09am

George Elder shoots NYC's most stylish....


Nov 7th


The Conversations We Have Before We Cop

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 5:09pm

Fam, I beseech you, buy this Camo ranger hat (in both black and off-white) right now. Don’t fucking brick it. Nick Grant and I both blew it last time this hat was available. We had the following contemplative, possible cop...


Destroying High-End Fashion For The Sake Of Art

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 4:49pm

For a story in the most recent issue of V Magazine, art god Ai Weiwei ruined a bunch of designer clothing with paint for a very dope photoshoot. Using brands like Commes des Garcons, Gosha Rubchinskiy, KTZ, Hood By Air,...

Four Pins Newsletter

Obamacare Can Handle It

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 4:13pm

Guess how many fishtail parkas I own. No, seriously, go ahead and guess in the comments section. No cheating. Post your answer before reading further. You’re cheating, aren’t you? Whatever. You guys suck. Despite owning FOUR different types of fishtail...


Carson Street Clothiers Fall/Winter 2014 Makes For Gracious Hosts

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 3:47pm

SoHo superstars Carson Street Clothiers dropped a lookbook of a few dudes draped up and dripped out in some of the best third party brands they carry in store. TriBeCa provides the backdrop and the fading sunlight provides a sophisticated, regal mood,...


Supreme For Adults

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 3:04pm

You guys ever fuck with long sleeve polos? I used to rock a really baggy Polo joint with baggy jeans and some Timberland field boots when I was in my prime. Not gonna lie, I’m not even remotely retroactively mad...

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.07.41 PM

Here’s Why Mark Zuckerberg Wears The Same T-Shirt Every Day

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 2:47pm

The OG Silicon Valley stunner, Mark Zuckerberg wears the patented tech start-up uniform on a daily basis: terribly washed, ill-fitting jeans, wack sneakers, gray T-shirt and, specifically in his case, signature hoodie. Nothing even remotely out of the ordinary for...


$995 Mini Basketball Kit Makes Luxe NERF Dreams Come True

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 2:09pm

How many of you had those NERF mini basketball hoop sets when you were a kid? Actually, I feel like I should be asking how many of you didn’t have one. Those things were seriously the goddamn illest shit in...


Doper Than The FBT?

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 1:35pm

Have you guys been practicing the monologue you will deliver when all your cool fashion friends ask you why you don’t own a pair of FBT’s yet? You should talk about their relative ubiquity and how you’ve really been eyeing...


KITH Releases New “Classics” Line

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 1:15pm

As KITH continues its work in apparel, like bringing Coogi back, it’s releasing a line of KITH Classics that will be available year-round rather than in their typical limited-run capsule collections. Some of the included items are ones we know by...


The Official Supreme Stan Christmas Carol, “This The Season To Be Boxy,” Is Incredibly Thirsty

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 12:49pm

Yes, this came out a year ago, but the fact that it has less than 3,000 views in that time means we can still write about without getting hit with the dreaded LATE PASS. Mister Chocolate dropped the hottest Supreme-centric...


A History Of Baseball Hat Violence

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 11:30am

I’m a big fan of baseball caps in traditional fabrics like tweed. This herringbone tweed cap from The Hill-Side has a buttery soft brim and is fairly unstructured, which, like your jackets, can be a good thing to look for...


The Week In NBA Style: November 7, 2014

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 11:02am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association....


Shaving A Solid Two Or Three Seconds Off Your Morning Commute

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Fri, 11.07.14 at 10:47am

Arc’teryx Veilance is one of those brands that really does not fuck around. Like, their shit is so intense and serious it makes me unsure as to whether I can wear it. Do you understand the benefits of every different...


Nov 6th


Adidas Teases Upcoming Tubular

Written by
Thu, 11.06.14 at 5:27pm

The shoe that everyone thought was Kanye’s, the Adidas Originals Tubular, is coming out in just a couple of weeks. In the lead up to the release, Adidas dropped this short snippet with the lead designer of the project, Nic...