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When Joey Wore All Of Chandler’s Clothes At The Same Time

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 11:34am

Check out these fatigue overshirts in both olive and black herringbone twill from 3sixteen. I fucking love herringbone twill. It’s such a good fabric. And overshirts are one of the strongest genres of the shirt/jacket hybrid category. I know this ...


Pitti Uomo 87 Street Style: Part I

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 10:54am

Chris Fenimore snaps the world's most stylish men at the world's most stylish trade show. ...


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: John Elliott Spring/Summer 2015

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 10:25am

We brought you a taste of what’s to come last year, but John blessed us with the first look at what’s dropping tomorrow—I REPEAT, TOMORROW. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see when this stuff would hit the ‘net ...


When Your Friends Like Your Dog More Than You

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 4:40pm

Check out this $600 Charlie Brown sweater. You can wear this and be all depressed and unfulfilled just like Charlie. You probably even have a dog that everyone likes more than you. I know for a fact that my dog ...


The Best (And Most Ridiculous) Looks From London Collections: Men Fall/Winter 2015: Part II

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 4:02pm

F/W 15 is here. ...


New Study Proves We Are All Just Mindless Sheep Who Cannot Resist A Good “Sale” Sign

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 3:38pm

We are in the thick of end of season sales, fam. But it isn’t the reduced prices themselves that get people to shop, according to a recent study done by MIT. Nah, it’s those big ass signs shouting directly in ...


Steezy Phlebotomists

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 2:53pm

These are some orthopedic as fuck coke white New Balances that Blue Button Shop says up until now were only available in Japan. SUCK IT PROXY SERVICES. Us North Americans can cop the steeziest phlebotomist footwear now. You guys ever ...


Your Uniqlo Jeans Have A Dark History

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 2:39pm

According to Quartz, Uniqlo’s denim factories are in a bit of trouble. The brand is under fire for harsh working conditions at its Chinese factories that produce the company’s best in class wildly affordable quality denim and cashmere. Undercover researchers ...


What “Meetings” Are You Taking?

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 2:21pm

This Apolis shirt jacket (in both olive and navy) is fucking perfect if you lead a life that involves travel and/or cool meetings. You guys ever read, like, morning routine profiles and every cool guy type is like, “First thing ...


Introducing A Cold Wall

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 1:49pm

From the mind of DONDA associate, Samuel Ross, comes A Cold Wall. Are we looking at the next Off-White or just another mysterious URL brand of clothing that features esoteric and vague references along with some bougie ass art? Wait, both ...


You Better Mention Us In Your Memoirs

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 1:15pm

Does Christopher Raeburn read Four Pins? Most definitely. The boy knows about the things we love, as demonstrated by this somehow actually affordable olive green funnel collar parka. Huge flappy pockets? Drawstring waistband? The fabled double zipper? Eleven out of ...


You Can Wear Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note If You’re A Dick

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 12:47pm

In the latest line of super great ideas to put on clothing comes this revelation: screen-printing the suicide note of one of the ’90s most influential and revered singer-songwriters on a T-shirt. The shirt originally surfaced on Etsy but was taken down ...


Margiela Changed Its Name And Nobody Even Noticed

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 12:05pm

Name changes tend to be a big deal in fashion. Like, a BIG deal. They represent a literal and/or metaphorial changing of the guard. And recently, there’s been no more recognizable changing of the guard than Margiela appointing John Galliano as ...


Thinking About Sneakers For A Week Straight

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 11:37am

Normally I’m an all white Reeboks kind of guy, but these brown Reeboks are the new pair of sneakers I’m going to think about for, like, a week straight. I’ll imagine how dope my too short navy trousers would look paired with ...

hm coachella

H&M Is Collaborating With Coachella On A Clothing Line

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 11:09am

We already understand that Coachella is pretty much the worst, but there are steps being taken to ensure that it is indeed the worst thing in existence. For instance, the news that H&M collaborating with Coachella on a clothing line. Apparently, ...