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Nov 6th


Adidas Teases Upcoming Tubular

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 5:27pm

The shoe that everyone thought was Kanye’s, the Adidas Originals Tubular, is coming out in just a couple of weeks. In the lead up to the release, Adidas dropped this short snippet with the lead designer of the project, Nic...


NEWSFLASH: She Looks Better Than You In A Varsity Jacket

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 4:55pm

Aye, you know how you look pretty decent in an expensive varsity jacket? Well, guess what? GIRLS LOOK BETTER IN THEM THAN YOU. So UNIS, being an astute brand, decided to make their signature varsity jackets for women. I dated...

jean hedi

Now Jean Touitou Has Beef With Hedi Slimane

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 3:52pm

It’s like everybody is beefing today: A$AP vs. Hood By Air, Bill Simmons taking on Mike Golic and, now, Jean Touitou of A.P.C. has some choice fucking words about Saint Laurent designer, Hedi Slimane. In an interview with fashion journal...

Four Pins Newsletter

UNUSED Spring/Summer 2015 Will Make You Change Your Mind

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 3:33pm

We’ve written exactly one single thing about this Japanese brand UNUSED. It was about a very expensive thermal shirt. While that was all well and good—overpriced thermals are pretty dope, just look at Fear of God—the brand’s S/S 15 collection is...


Willed Into Existence

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 3:10pm

Damn, I’m seeing so many fucking coach’s jackets out right now that it feels almost like I’ve willed them into a more widespread existence. The only thing that’s a little weird about this recent explosion is that it seems to...


AP Alphetology

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 2:32pm

Check out this fairly nondescript hoodie. No real logos, no real pattern, nothing to really set this sweatshirt apart from all the other sweatshirts in the world, right? Oh, except this sweatshirt was designed by Patrik Ervell aka it’s so...


Outdoors Site Finally Discovers The Urban Lumberjack Trend

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 2:13pm

I don’t blame the dudes over at Gear Junkie for this. In fact, I’m kind of jealous that they remained in the dark regarding the urban lumberjack, or, as they call it, “Lumbersexual,” trend for so long. They’re not exactly...

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Traveling By Rail

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 1:28pm

That’s it, I’ve finally crossed over. Instead of just wearing baseball hats and buckets and the occasional knit hat, I’m gonna start wearing classy hats. Particularly, these Stóffa felt hats (available in both beaver and rabbit) because there’s an accent...

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A$AP Rocky Explains His Hood By Air Diss

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 12:23pm

Wow, peep The Cut, in the cut, getting the exclusive interview with A$AP Rocky about his claims that blew up the Internet a few weeks ago when he released “Multiply.” No, we didn’t write about the song then. Sorry, Hypebeasts...


A Rad Pencil Box For Adults

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 12:11pm

You guys remember that list your teacher would always send out at the beginning of elementary school with required and suggested school supplies? Like, how many notebooks you were gonna need and how you always had to bring at least...

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Virgil Abloh Vibes Out In The New York Times

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 11:43am

Over at The New York Times, Matthew Schneier sat down with cultural guru, fashion designer and Kanye West creative director Virgil Abloh. The story unearthed a few things about Virgil I wasn’t aware about, though, to be fair, I haven’t really...


The Best Fashion Moments From Migos’ Incredible Fader Cover Story

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 11:17am

The earth is still shaking from the incredble Migos cover story that The Fader dropped yesterday afternoon. The piece is a long look into the crazy life of the ATL trio who are far and away the greatest musical artists...


“Fashion Bros!” Season 2, Episode 9

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Thu, 11.06.14 at 10:54am

Clothes before hoes....


Nov 5th


Another Coat You Don’t Need And Have To Work Hard To Pull Off

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Wed, 11.05.14 at 6:08pm

Damn, Neighborhood really makes a lot of things I know I don’t need and would have to work hard to pull off and, yet, here I am, still very much considering a Neighborhood purchase, especially this “Dealer” coat. Mechanic’s coats...


One Some Evel Knievel Shit

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Wed, 11.05.14 at 5:14pm

Did you guys completely fucking brick it and fail to purchase a jumpsuit for fall? Well, A.P.C. and Nomad have decided to give you sad fucks a second chance. Why would you buy an Italian wool flannel jumpsuit? WHY WOULDN’T...