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Garbstore Case Study Fall/Winter 2014 is Made For Dog Walks

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 1:08pm

Garbstore’s Los Angeles outpost, Garbstore Case Study, dropped a lookbook for the brand’s first ever collection. We already know the UK-based Garbstore for its sick Reebok collabs, their own casual pieces and for carrying some of the best brands out...


The Only Suitable Eyewear Pattern

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 12:36pm

Man, I’m really making a habit of doubling up on brands within the same week. WHO CARES THOUGH? I ALREADY SUBVERTED THE VOICE USED ON PRODUCT POSTS, SO WHY CAN’T I SWITCH UP THE FREQUENCY OF BRANDS COVERED? Oh wow,...

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Teens Now Prefer Tech To Fashion

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 12:01pm

According to The New York Times, clothes aren’t cool anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about having super cool tech. If you get caught sending a text on an out-of-date cellphone, you might as well call it a day because, just like your phone,...

Four Pins Newsletter

Probably Why You Don’t Have That Many Friends

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 11:27am

I think this is the first Kris Van Assche garment I’ve written about here on the Pins. [Editor's note: Jon did write about a KVA backpack once, but I don't think that technically counts as a garment.] Obviously, I’m all...


Tomorrowland Fall/Winter 2014 Pulls Double Duty

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 11:14am

When I say Tomorrowland, do you automatically think of a group of EDM bros looking to book a flight to Belgium next year? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I just think of, like, 50,000 people in a muddy field...

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Really, REALLY Expendable Income

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 10:41am

Yo, you know I wear girl clothes, right? Well, I kinda also wear girl sneakers. These Low Classic basic runners are anything but basic, dawgie. It’s like if the boy Ricky O took it upon himself to commission a 25ft...


Aug 27th


Catching Actual Boobs IRL

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 5:50pm

Listen, guys. I know you really don’t like turtlenecks. I understand. I get it. They’re quite the polarizing clothing item and it seems like they’ve been out of style for so long that designers decided to bring them back just...


How To Fool The Normies

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 5:28pm

I love to call certain items “budget [Insert super expensive luxury label here].” Like, some of Michael Bastian’s pieces are like budget Visvim because they both pull inspiration from the American southwest. There are some other solid examples, but I...


Rest In Power, MCA

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 4:53pm

Shout out Our Legacy, man. I don’t know those guys at all, but I feel like we would be fast friends (much like how I imagine I would be with all of my favorite designers). You ever make fast friends...


Neighborhood Fall/Winter 2014 Is Your History Textbook

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 4:25pm

Neighborhood is the type of brand that’s insanely hard to nail down. Just peep the lookbook for F/W 14—shit jumps all over the place. On one slide it has a sort of mafioso in a suit, the next a railroad...


Barista Traditions

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 4:09pm

Wow, what a great shirt from Steven Alan, although I would style it a bit differently. I think the problem with band collar shirts is that you can vibe very extra in the background of a spaghetti western. How do...


A Walking Loaf Of Bread Straight Out The Oven

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 3:52pm

We’re a pretty tight little squad over here at Four Pins. There’s only a couple of us physically in the Complex offices and guys like Moy hold it down out there on an at-large basis. So, when everyone else files...


This Month’s Obligatory Drake Lyric

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 3:21pm

I’m a true blue Sophnet stan, which means that I contemplate even buying T-shirts and various other items that could always just be obtained from another brand. Like, if Sophnet makes an incense holder, I’m 29.94% more likely to contemplate...


But, Like, What Bomber Doesn’t Have Sleeves, Ya Know?

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 2:56pm

My best friend that lives in Paris and whose name rhymes with Dick Ovens makes this long MA-1 bomber. I’m not sure why Totokaelo describes this jacket as a “long-sleeved oversized bomber jacket.” I mean, what bombers do you know...


The Most Subtle Flex

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Wed, 08.27.14 at 2:09pm

Why Sacai got to do us with little to no disposable income so dirty like this? Every time I see something from Sacai it’s, “Oh, man, BET this is super fucking sick. Too bad I can’t afford it because it...