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The Science Of “Cool”

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 12:46pm

I’m a firm believer and supporter of modern science. But scientists trying to tell me that the bottle on the right is cooler than the normal water bottle on the left? GTFOH, science. I used that acronym because scientists likes...



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Tue, 07.15.14 at 12:18pm

You guys, I feel like I’m 17 all over again. Pins were so dope at the all-ages shows I used to go to at Saint Andrews. I was really into The Bouncing Souls for a while and I had a...


Domo Arigato, Mr. Axel Arigato

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 12:04pm

Common Projects better watch its back, because everybody’s coming for their head. Axel Arigato is a company “designing in Paris and operating out of Sweden,” that makes some pretty nice looking, minimal sneakers. You know how right now most baristas...

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Couture Vibes With Lazy Sunday Sensibilities

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 11:44am

This fall, you’re going to want to be wearing beige—or at least some fleshy, creamy, skin tone. And now Emiliano Rinaldi—who I admittedly really hadn’t heard of until I delved deep into the depths of the LNCC sale section—is keeping...


That’s What $120 Buys You

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 11:18am

Remember yesterday when I pressured you into buying that dope Y-3 track jacket that wasn’t actually a track jacket at all? Same. You know what would go perfectly with that shit? This plain black Carven baseball cap, which happens to...


A Tale Of Alphet Hubris

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 10:57am

I’m sure we’ve all had an outfit or two fall flat despite our grandest intentions. It’s natural. It’s inevitable. We all can look back and laugh, taking comfort in the fact that it was all part of the process. You...


This Is Your Captain Speaking

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 10:22am

This is your captain speaking, I’m high right now. Updated takes on the typical bomber will always get covered here at Four Pins. And this Maharishi number, on sale now for $150 at Oi Polloi, is no different. So, pretend...


The Black Riccardo Tisci x Nike AF1s Drop July 17th, But Are They Worth It?

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Tue, 07.15.14 at 9:57am

I just wrote 600 words of ammunition, loaded up my hater cannon and took aim toward the bastion of mediocrity that is the latest black installment of the Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration. But after reading it back, I glanced...


Jul 14th


Carefully Considered Media Diets

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 5:02pm

Seriously, the final frontier of being a next level influencer is interior design. “But I already spent all my unsupervised Internet time at work looking at clothing I won’t ever buy, streaming music I won’t ever buy and staring at...


Opinions On Shit You’ve Never Seen In Real Life

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 4:17pm

Epaulet just answered all your prayers and candlelit offerings to Our Lady of Stuggalupe with their new tennis shoes. Handmade in Portugal with leather uppers, linings and a sole with 360 stitching, these might even give your favorite sneaker brand...


Flow Team

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 4:00pm

You guys, you definitely need to send in some sponsor tapes to FairEnds to try and get on their flow team. You guys ever make it onto a flow team? I knew one kid who used to get wheels sent...


Homeless Astronauts

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 3:29pm

What. The. Fuck? Another Moksha article? Shut up, dawgies. Woolf has left the building, which means I’m left filling the void inevitably left by Moy when he fills that assistant overlord spot. No more “look at me I live in...


The Best Kind Of Sex Is The Kind You Don’t Have To Lie About

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 2:06pm

You’re one of those guys that takes on the interests and personality of every chick you date, aren’t you? Yeah, sure, you definitely want to pay $300 to go to that Jay Z and Beyonce tour. It’s okay, man. I’m...



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Mon, 07.14.14 at 1:49pm

Y’all don’t fuck with BAPE anymore, do you? FOR SHAME. You guys gotta learn that staples are staples and this right here is basically an OG BAPLE. You can wear this with whatever easy breezy tee you want and some...


Track Jackets That Aren’t Track Jackets Because They Are Coats

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Mon, 07.14.14 at 1:25pm

I’ve got a lot of time for Yohji Yamamoto. The boy is, like, 200 years old, but he’s still keeping it #relevant. Maybe if you herbs stopped copping secondhand Y-3 from eBay and started buying directly from his store, he...