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“Fashion Bros!” Episode 7

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Thu, 04.03.14 at 10:33am

Clothes before hoes....


Kenneth Ning Fall/Winter 2014 Is Definitely Clothing And Deadly Serious About It

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Thu, 04.03.14 at 10:23am

Kenneth Ning is a fresh designer out of New York that incorporates a lot of shit we like about clothes, so he’s off to one hell of a start. Namely, Kenneth utilizes a minimalist color palette and chic, clean design,...


Apr 2nd


Laura Ingalls Wilder Vibes

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 5:05pm

I really hope that it’s a tiny bit colder than usual this spring because I’m not only behind in my spring gardening plans, but because I want to layer my life with lightweight mid-length jackets like this one from Still...

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Over All Master Cloth Fires Literal Shots At Their Kevlar Shoes As A Precautionary Measure Against Haters

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 4:36pm

O.A.M.C., makers of high-end, futuristic workwears, recently decided to put their Kevlar creepers to the test. Since Kevlar is the shit they use in bulletproof vests and a range of other products that want to seem cool by being made...


Dads In The ’80s Were Too Legit

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 4:02pm

The dad vibes are v strong with this EG bucket. This is like Kmart brand point and shoot film with the orange date and time in the right corner vacation photos vibes. Pops is on the beach in a hat...


Saltwater And Wealth

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 3:16pm

M.Nii calls this the “Senator Long Sleeve shirt,” but I would wear it exactly the opposite of how a senator would wear it, unless we’re talking about a kind of young senator taking in a little R&R out somewhere that...


The Sneakers Flight Attendants Would Wear If They Weren’t Completely Swagless

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 2:25pm

Airlines and the flight attendants they employ are for the most part terribly, completely swagless. They lead you like cattle onto their overcrowded planes, serve you a mini can of diet Pepsi and a bag filled with two broken pretzels...


The Four Pins Guide To Staying Woke

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 1:51pm

It just might save your life....


Stealing A Little Bit Of Shine At Formal Events Not Dedicated To You

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 1:06pm

Lace-ups may not be your steezery these days, but when they look as sick as these joints from Yang Li, they’re basically a dope looking shoe that just so happens to have a hard bottom. Featuring a contrast panel detail...


How To Live #Zenswear

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 12:44pm

Exploring your post-menswear lifestyle....


The Week In NBA Style: April 2, 2014

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 11:29am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association....


Up Close And Personal With A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2014

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 10:40am

Jean Touitou’s minimalist success story, A.P.C., has grown in 25 years from a simple idea into a brand that spans multiple continents. With three stores in NYC alone, A.P.C. has become the de facto “cool guy brand” for those who...


Apr 1st


Pretty Chills Shorts TBH

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Tue, 04.01.14 at 5:00pm

This summer is going to be hot as fuck and, like it or not, shorts might need to be a real, actual thing. #Menswear’s gotta cut the shit with the “no shorts ever” narrative for real. Bro, no one is...


That Deliciously Sweet Casual Power Flex

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Tue, 04.01.14 at 4:27pm

“Oh these? Dries.” That’s why you buy a pair of $527 boring as fuck white slip-ons. For that deliciously sweet casual power flex while you wait for a table at brunch. The casual power flex is an essential technique because...


Practicality Might Not Be Your Strong Suit

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Tue, 04.01.14 at 3:51pm

At this point you should just accept the fact that bombers are really the only jacket that matter in life. Like, varsities came and went and coach’s jackets are hit or miss, so now the formula basically reads: MILITARY STYLE...