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FairEnds Gets Buckets

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 11:17am

OH SNAP, FAIRENDS MAKES BUCKET HATS NOW? SORRY, OTHER BUCKET HAT MANUFACTURERS. I feel like those two sentences are the only sentences required to announce these bucket hats, but you guys come here for a bit more than that. LOLZ, ...

Mercedes-Benz Drops Hilarious Video Of Fashion Clichés

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 11:06am

We all recognize hyper-stylized ads from the likes of Calvin Klein, Chanel or Giorgio Armani. The heavy whispering, slow motion camera movement and the stereotypical imagery, like driving an expensive car late at night or the drapes around the window ...


Soulland Fall/Winter 2015 Is Exotic And Erotic

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 10:48am

The headline is mostly because the name of this collection is, in fact, “Exotic/Erotic.” In my mind, Soulland is, ironically enough, typically neither erotic nor exotic, but for F/W 15 it’s spiced things up a bit from normal staple-like lineup. ...


Pitti Uomo 87 Street Style: Part II

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 10:33am

Chris Fenimore snaps the world's most stylish men at the world's most stylish trade show. ...


ts(s) Spring/Summer 2015 Is A Liberal Arts Professor’s Dream

Written by
Wed, 01.14.15 at 4:52pm

ts(s) is a kinda mysterious brand (it’s designed by Daiki Suzuki’s brother FYI) with a distinct look that can pretty much be summarized as “liberal arts professor who never takes care of his clothes, but for some reason looks really ...

tech neck

Your Smartphone Is Giving You Gross “Tech-Neck”

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 3:55pm

Listen up dorks, you need to stop checking your smartphone so goddamn much because aside from burning your brain and eyes and turning you into a total zombie, it’s actively making you uglier. Those between ages 25 and 39 who ...


Fashion Week Presentation Power Rankings

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 3:12pm

Here’s another chapter in my fucking ongoing saga to convince you fuckfaces that cardigans are fucking dope. I actually don’t really care if you think cardigans are cool because that means more cardigans for me. This particular sporty cardigan comes ...


Charting Abercrombie’s Path To Reinvention

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 2:51pm

Since the retirement of noted Chief Douchebag Officer Mike Jeffries last month, industry eyes have been on A&F to build itself back up to former heights, and the basic outline of that reconstruction is to be the opposite of everything that ...


Pants For Canceling

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 2:17pm

Be honest, do guys fuck with these Patagonia Snap-T pants? At first, I was for sure on the “nah, son” side of the fence because while a regular, old Snap-T fleece is definitely the move, the new pants version seems ...


North Face Purple Label Spring/Summer 2015 Is Worth Striving For

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 1:56pm

Why does Japan get all the good shit? Once again, North Face Purple Label comes with the heat, so take a minute or two to really absorb this gear, enjoy it, love it and then remember that unless you have ...


Two Coats Season

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 1:31pm

Did you guys know Lanvin is the oldest couture house in France? Me neither. Shouts to End’s copywriter for dropping knowledge bombs in the product description. This right here is a quilted bomber and some of you are probably tired ...


The New York Times Is Launching A Monthly, Dedicated Men’s Style Section

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 1:16pm

Some BIG media news from yesterday, guys. Capital reports that The New York Times will be launching its own monthly dedicated menswear style section. Behind the successful and often incredible ridiculous Style section pieces that currently run in the paper on ...


Inconsistent Stances

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 1:00pm

I love suede shoes and I love ripple soles and I love Yuketen. PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND IT’S LIKE VOLTRON FOR ALL OF MY FAVORITE FOOTWEAR THINGS. You guys fuck with ripple soles at all? Why not? You better ...


Riccardo Tisci Is Probably Going To Be Gucci’s Next Creative Director

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 12:23pm

Remember how we discussed that the 2015 designer revolving door was going to be really boring? Well, we’re going to have to backtrack on that one. On top of news that Gucci’s outgoing creative director, Frieda Giannini, just left the ...


When Joey Wore All Of Chandler’s Clothes At The Same Time

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Wed, 01.14.15 at 11:34am

Check out these fatigue overshirts in both olive and black herringbone twill from 3sixteen. I fucking love herringbone twill. It’s such a good fabric. And overshirts are one of the strongest genres of the shirt/jacket hybrid category. I know this ...