Women In China Are Paying Dudes To Be Their Boyfriends, So We’re Moving To China

Apparently, there's a thing in China called "Singles Day" which sounds like it would induce 2 Chainz levels of "Me Time", but has seemingly had the opposite effect. See, while the holiday is now the single largest e-commerce day on the planet ($5 billion will be spent today in comparison to Cyber Monday's $1.5), it's also a time when single ladies in China rent boyfriends IRL. Evidently, there are enormous cultural pressures for women in China to have babies (hopefully boys!), so to mitigate questions from nagging parents, girls have begun paying dudes to come over to their parent's house and pretend to be their boo for a day or two. In some cases, Chinese bros are raking in upwards $150 dollars a day to pretend like they're having fun with some girl's parents. In America we have to do that shit for free. Talk about a bum racket.


  • OBree_Rock

    Men aren’t trying to get married. Least of all career oriented and pragmatic young men. They realize they will be much more valuable in the future and thats the truth