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Science Finally Solves Hipsterdom

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Tue, 11.04.14 at 3:09pm

We all make fun of “hipsters” even though we all agree that word doesn’t really mean anything. And yet, there is a distinct look we associate with them. But shouldn’t a true hipster look different from everyone else including his ...


$850 Hood By Air x Off-White Duvet Set For Only The Coziest Of Fuccbois

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Tue, 11.04.14 at 1:49pm

Are you like me? Have you not washed your sheets and pillow cases in a solid six months?¬†Are you in dire need of a new set? Do you know what the fuck a “duvet” actually is? Are you also a ...


Can IKEA Make Fast Fashion Even Faster?

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Tue, 11.04.14 at 11:57am

King of college dorm rooms and 20-something couples trying to save money everywhere, IKEA has the affordable furniture segment on fucking lock across the world. But now, there’s chatter about the brand veering into clothing. A Swedish business thinker guy, ...


IRL Vs. URL Friends: Growing Up And Making Friends On The Internet

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Tue, 11.04.14 at 10:53am

When I first signed on to AOL back in the day, I had no intention of meeting anyone new from the Internet. I’m not sure I had any real reason to go online at all back then except to talk ...

Gap’s New Holiday Ads Are Relatable

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Mon, 11.03.14 at 1:40pm

It’s officially November, which means it’s also officially “holiday season.” All the big box stores will string up lights, prop up fake pine and immediately reduce everything in stock by 30%. For the next month and a half we’ll all ...


On “Fashion Fatigue”

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Mon, 11.03.14 at 11:43am

I’m so tired of looking at clothes on my computer that I had to write this on my iPhone. “Fashion fatigue” in its most basic, most senseless sense is that sick feeling you can feel in the back of your ...

health goth

What’s The Deal With Health Goth?

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Fri, 10.31.14 at 12:30pm

No, but seriously, what’s the fucking deal with Health Goth *Seinfeld voice*? If you’ve been following the blogs recently, a sort of pseudo-fashion-slash-lifestyle trend dubbed “Health Goth” has made waves, carving out its own little sliver of a corner of ...


I Think Things Are Getting Better

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Fri, 10.31.14 at 11:39am

Before all you worldly dickheads start telling your younger siblings that unpaid internships are a scam, just realize what OUR FIRST EVER INTERN IS DOING WITH HIS LIFE: straight killing life, traveling, taking photos, making cool jewelry and patches and ...


Will Mustaches Ever Be Better Than Beards?

Written by
Wed, 10.29.14 at 3:09pm

Can the mustache ever reclaim the throne beards have so righteously ripped away from it? Will mustaches every¬†actually make a comeback? Or are they now relegated to a punchline 11 months out of the year and the irony of porn’s ...


The Four Pins Guide To Building With Fam

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Wed, 10.29.14 at 2:07pm

Rise and grind, lessgeddit. ...