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“World’s First Instagram Hotel” Doesn’t Really Have All That Much To Do With Instagram

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 2:18pm

Ayy lmao, I just got sent a link to “the world’s first Instagram hotel.” I thought every hotel was an Instagram hotel to be quite honest, but evidentlyb the 1888 Hotel in Sydney is, indeed, the world’s first. What makes ...


How We Sometimes Destroy Ourselves Only To Build Ourselves Back Up Again

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 1:13pm

Many of us live on a sliding scale anchored between self-preservation and catching our jollies. On one hand, we know what’s best for our minds, our bodies. That eating vegetables and not hitting the bottle are the best table odds ...


What Your Favorite Online Shop Says About You

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 12:27pm

Besides the fact that it's physically impossible for you to save any money, of course. ...


Take A Tour Of Tommy Hilfiger’s Ridiculous Miami Mansion

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 11:40am

Did you guys know that Four Pins has an architecture and interior design department? YUP. And I’m the official celebrity home tour correspondent. This week in completely imaginary, but totally plausible scenarios in which I spend the day with a ...


In Memoriam: Robin Williams

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 11:04am

The first movie I remember ever actively wanting to see was Flubber. I was eight when it came out and I watched it more times than I can remember. Yes, I was drawn to it because it featured a grown ...


A Heartbreaking Work Of Swaggering Genius

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Tue, 08.12.14 at 10:21am

You threw a punch at a homeless guy today. The air was cold and you sort of missed and it didn’t hurt as much as you thought it was going to, but as your fist glanced off his collarbone you ...


Everybody Wants To Be The Boss, But Nobody Wants To Be The Boss: Why Being A Soldier Is Best

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 2:42pm

Gatorade ran an entire ad campaign based on the fact that kids wanted to be like Michael Jordan. There was even the corny jingle to go along with it. It makes all sense though. MJ was the alpha male of ...


(The Rest Of) Summer Movie Preview Blowout Spectacular!

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 11:59am

August is almost halfway over, which means soon you’ll have to pack up your beach umbrellas and put your Slip’N Slides back into your Slip’N Slide closet. But you aren’t the only one who is packing up for summer. Oh ...


Who Inspires The People Who Inspire You?

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 4:35pm

Do you guys ever wonder who inspires the people who inspire you? I’m not actually sure if Shinsuke Takizawa has inspired you or not, but I bet at some point you’ve at least contemplated buying something from Neighborhood and I ...


BREAKING: Daiki Suzuki Gets A Haircut And Tries On Some Clothes

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Fri, 08.08.14 at 3:41pm

If you don’t regularly check out then you don’t really love cool things. Take for example, this quick little behind-the-scenes feature of Engineered Garments’ own and my BFF Daiki Savior getting a shape-up and trying on some fucking amazing ...