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Coachella Me Softly: The Agonizing Rise Of The Content Event

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Fri, 01.09.15 at 1:11pm

Like pretty much every other new year in this forgettable decade, January 2015 arrived with bitter cold, obligatory Oscar buzz and the saccharine electric thrill of a newly announced Coachella lineup. Twenty-somethings of America, rejoice! Your spectacular orgy of whiteness ...


Bro, You Might Be A Psychopath If You Post Selfies

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Thu, 01.08.15 at 1:51pm

We know that narcissism is now at a historical level thanks to social media. That’s no secret. Between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’re all so used to seeing our own visages and we’ve accepted that fact as well. WE’RE ALL ...


A Brief History Of LeBron James’ Hairline

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Thu, 01.08.15 at 12:32pm

And some words of encouragement. ...

social media

Finally, An Actual Teen’s Views On Social Media

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 3:45pm

We are Four Pins, champions of the youth, guardians of the Cool Teens™ and, admittedly, olds just now coming to grips with our imminent mortality. Seriously though, have you taken a look over our “Kids” tag recently? Shit is popping ...

belfie stick

Butt Selfie Sticks Are Here

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 2:09pm

If traditional selfie sticks didn’t quite float your boat, DO NOT FUCKING WORRY BECAUSE NOW THERE ARE BUTT SELFIE STICKS. I would link to the recent New York Times piece about selfie sticks, but I don’t want to reinforce that type ...

leto fanny pack

Jared Leto, Fanny Pack Salesman

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 11:50am

Jared Leto is a god, right? Like, what other guy out there could pull off being both a lead singer of a relatively big-name garbage rock band, then go right ahead and win an Oscar for playing an HIV-positive trans ...


The Mirror Of The Future Will Point Out Your Flaws

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 10:40am

At the annual gathering of the country’s biggest nerds, CES, Panasonic showed off their new technology for mirrors that will point out all of your flaws. Okay, it doesn’t just do that, but it feels like the most important element. It’ll ...

male gaze

Can Men Feel The Objectifying Gaze Women Do? Maybe

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 4:45pm

Roll call for Tuesday’s women’s studies workshop. This piece over at Jezebel about men feeling the objectifying gaze of the opposite sex is really fun, mostly because it has to do with baked goods. Elizabeth Preston and her husband were ...


Helmut Lang Shredded His Entire Clothing Archive For The Sake Of Art

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 2:04pm

Helmut Lang quit being a fashion designer in 2005. Now, because he is way smarter and more creative than just about anyone on the planet, he’s an artist. The Wall Street Journal Magazine has a really interesting profile about his second ...


What If World Leaders Wore Fire Jawnz?

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 12:08pm

A swag summit of epic proportions. ...