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Inside The Weirdly Forgiving World Of L.L. Bean Commenters

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Tue, 12.30.14 at 10:41am

I really like these sorts of “inside the weird world of” stories. Yesterday, it was about how Chinese brands are using (broken) English names to attract customers, then there was that whole thing about life in the Amazon review fast ...

Balmain : Backstage - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015

Breaking Down How Fashion Cashed In On Kim, Kanye, And The Kardashian-West-Jenners In 2014

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Wed, 12.24.14 at 12:13pm

Fashionista took the time to basically break down just how much the fashion industry used the Kardashian-West-Jenners this year. The clan remains the #1 tabloid fodder for the TMZ’s and National Enquirers of the world, but the fashion industry is just ...

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How “The Most Interesting Man In The World” Came To Be

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Wed, 12.24.14 at 11:10am

Business Insider spoke to Jonathan Goldsmith, the man you are probably more familiar with as Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man In The World.” I’d be willing to bet that 99% of people who have seen those ads have no fucking ...

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Everything That Mattered To Four Pins In 2014

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Tue, 12.23.14 at 12:33pm

Cutting through the bullshit to bring you what *actually* mattered this year. ...

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Go Shopping With Lord Of Swag, E.J. Johnson

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Tue, 12.23.14 at 10:24am

Forgive us God, for we have sinned. We somehow missed this shopping video with E.J. Johnson that Yahoo! Style posted a few days ago. You have hopefully already acquainted yourself with E.J.’s amazing life as we posted about him a ...


See The Full Balmain Ad Campaign Starring Kim And Kanye

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Mon, 12.22.14 at 2:23pm

Your daily Kim and Kanye headline here, reporting in to bring you the latest news on the world’s most talked about couple. This morning, Kim posted up an announcement to the world that, in addition to gracing the cover of Vogue ...


Jocks & Nerds

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 5:04pm

I’m a big fan of quarterly magazines because you only have to pay for them four times a year. I never have subscriptions because I never have all the money up front. Magazines make me pay by the product, like ...


The Equally Terrifying And Magical World Of Being An Influential Amazon Reviewer

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 4:50pm

“Ali Julia” might be the most influential person on the Internet and you don’t even know who she is. Hell, she might not even be real. But you have probably read one of her reviews. “Ali Julia” is currently the ...


Kim Kardashian Tells Her Mom She Dresses Like Shit

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 3:44pm

In an effort to keep the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan amongst the most stylish families in the game, Kim sent this scathing email to her own flesh and blood, her mother, Kris. Knowing what it means to be a fashion disaster—as Kanye ...


The Year Pop Culture Was In Love With The Coco: On Cocaine’s Comeback

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Fri, 12.19.14 at 1:39pm

In Pulp Fiction, John Travolta buys some heroin and his dealer goes, “Coke is fucking dead as dead. Heroin—it’s coming back in a big fucking way.” That was the height of heroin chic. You know, when Calvin Klein deliberately styled ...