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Long Hair Club For Men

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Tue, 04.01.14 at 12:54pm

Have you ever met someone who is into something so much that you still kind of respect even the most ridiculous things they say because they said them with more conviction than you’ve had for anything in your entire life? ...


Blame The Air Force 1 Mid For Everything

Written by
Fri, 03.28.14 at 12:22pm

The trajectory of the most influential sneaker on the planet. ...


On Wearing Metal T-Shirts As A Grown Ass Man

Written by
Fri, 03.28.14 at 11:09am

Back in high school, I had this Overkill metal shirt that I wore as often as I possibly could. It was for their 1987 tour in support of their album Taking Over (no, it wasn’t vintage, feel free to do ...


North Korea’s Required Fade

Written by
Thu, 03.27.14 at 4:57pm

You guys probably already know that North Korea is a crazy fucked place. I mean, we all watch those Vice documentaries, right? How else are are we gonna impress people at parties who pretend to know as much about the ...


Teen Attempts To End It After Failed Search For “The Perfect Selfie”

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Thu, 03.27.14 at 3:10pm

Fellas, fellas, fellas, while we are vain as fuck here at FP and blatantly value things like physical appearance and clothes way more than we should, not to mention also stress the vast importance of flourishing on social media, it ...


According To A New Trend Report, You Are A “Yummy”

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Thu, 03.27.14 at 2:38pm

Whenever I need a trend report infused with attempts at being clever and pithy, I look to multinational banks. HSBC just released such a report that describes what they see as an emerging trend amongst luxury consumers: They’re getting younger ...


Daft Punk’s “Instant Classic” T-Shirt

Written by
Wed, 03.26.14 at 2:35pm

Nearly a year since Daft Punk dropped Random Access Memories, their critically acclaimed, Grammy-winning LP, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a corny album. Maybe it’s due to the fact that “Get Lucky” pounded the airwaves for months and ...


A Counterpoint To #Menswear’s Tower Of Babel

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Wed, 03.26.14 at 12:47pm

“I talk with slang and I’ma never stop speakin’ it.” – Big L I don’t know about you guys, but we here at Four Pins are all about informed, calm, respectful debate. This ethos was best echoed when Woolf and ...


On Shinola, Detroit’s Misguided White Knight

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Wed, 03.26.14 at 12:10pm

I wanted to like Shinola. I wanted to so badly. A Detroit “design firm” manufacturing products in the United States that’s not another car company? I was ready to ride or die. But, like anything in this world that sounds ...


In Defense Of Kanye And Kim’s Vogue Cover

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Wed, 03.26.14 at 11:02am

Oh motherfucking Christ on a cracker. I really didn’t want to have to do this. I swear. As someone who both self-identifies and is identified by others as a bona fide Kanye Stan, defending Kanye and Kim’s Vogue cover admittedly ...