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Mercedes-Benz Drops Hilarious Video Of Fashion Clichés

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 11:06am

We all recognize hyper-stylized ads from the likes of Calvin Klein, Chanel or Giorgio Armani. The heavy whispering, slow motion camera movement and the stereotypical imagery, like driving an expensive car late at night or the drapes around the window ...

tech neck

Your Smartphone Is Giving You Gross “Tech-Neck”

Written by
Wed, 01.14.15 at 3:55pm

Listen up dorks, you need to stop checking your smartphone so goddamn much because aside from burning your brain and eyes and turning you into a total zombie, it’s actively making you uglier. Those between ages 25 and 39 who ...


New Study Proves We Are All Just Mindless Sheep Who Cannot Resist A Good “Sale” Sign

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Tue, 01.13.15 at 3:38pm

We are in the thick of end of season sales, fam. But it isn’t the reduced prices themselves that get people to shop, according to a recent study done by MIT. Nah, it’s those big ass signs shouting directly in ...


Meet The World’s First Weed Style Writer

Written by
Mon, 01.12.15 at 3:27pm

You’re probably wondering why you’re looking at a picture of a woman in a grow room. Well, it’s because this woman, Katie Shapiro, is a style writer. Wait, let me correct that, she’s the world’s first “weed style writer,” which, ...


The Best And Worst Dressed (And Most Heavily On Drugs) At The 2015 Golden Globes

Written by
Mon, 01.12.15 at 11:28am

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how hard you party. ...


Coachella Me Softly: The Agonizing Rise Of The Content Event

Written by
Fri, 01.09.15 at 1:11pm

Like pretty much every other new year in this forgettable decade, January 2015 arrived with bitter cold, obligatory Oscar buzz and the saccharine electric thrill of a newly announced Coachella lineup. Twenty-somethings of America, rejoice! Your spectacular orgy of whiteness ...


Bro, You Might Be A Psychopath If You Post Selfies

Written by
Thu, 01.08.15 at 1:51pm

We know that narcissism is now at a historical level thanks to social media. That’s no secret. Between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we’re all so used to seeing our own visages and we’ve accepted that fact as well. WE’RE ALL ...


A Brief History Of LeBron James’ Hairline

Written by
Thu, 01.08.15 at 12:32pm

And some words of encouragement. ...

social media

Finally, An Actual Teen’s Views On Social Media

Written by
Wed, 01.07.15 at 3:45pm

We are Four Pins, champions of the youth, guardians of the Cool Teens™ and, admittedly, olds just now coming to grips with our imminent mortality. Seriously though, have you taken a look over our “Kids” tag recently? Shit is popping ...

belfie stick

Butt Selfie Sticks Are Here

Written by
Wed, 01.07.15 at 2:09pm

If traditional selfie sticks didn’t quite float your boat, DO NOT FUCKING WORRY BECAUSE NOW THERE ARE BUTT SELFIE STICKS. I would link to the recent New York Times piece about selfie sticks, but I don’t want to reinforce that type ...