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The Existentialism Of Buying Everything On Amazon

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Tue, 08.05.14 at 12:20pm

You can buy anything online. That is an equally completely terrifying and ridiculously convenient revelation. Last week, I bought a single light bulb on the Internet. It was $6.49. It arrived at my doorstep less than 36 hours later in ...


Don’t Tweet For Me, I’m Already Dead

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Tue, 08.05.14 at 11:20am

Don’t tweet about me when I die. Don’t post weepy tributes on Facebook and tag all my friends. Don’t Instagram a picture of us together, laughing and carrying on, in a throwback Thursday to my waking life. I’m already dead, ...


Fashion’s Best Bods

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Tue, 08.05.14 at 10:46am

Ooooooooh weeeee! Nothing like a slideshow of fashion dudes to get you started on this beautiful Tuesday morning. The crew over at Style Dot Com did a little run through of “Fashion’s Best Bodies” and, because we’re super hetero, we ...


“Avant-Bland”: Fashion Reverts To Simplicity, But Why?

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Tue, 08.05.14 at 10:21am

Ah, I remember my first exposure to the fashionz. Oddly enough, it was through America’s Next Top Model. Do you recall those hazy Sunday afternoon marathons on VH1 in the mid 2000s or is that just me? The contestants were ...


“Are Teen Boys The New Style Icons?” Asks Vogue

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Mon, 08.04.14 at 5:00pm

Vogue wants to know, “Are teen boys the new style icons?” And, as I am a very old boy, I must say, resoundingly, “NO!” because I am an old and the youth are destined to replace me and render all ...


Rappers Wearing Current Fashion, Illustrated

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Mon, 08.04.14 at 4:29pm

Over at Third Looks, Rocky Li and illustrator Rebel Yuth collaborated on a small collection of illustrations showing some of hip-hop’s superstars wearing the current collections from some of fashion’s hottest brands. We’re talking Future in Saint Laurent (logical) and Gucci ...


“Being A Dick”: A Comic About The Worst Shopping Experience Ever

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Mon, 08.04.14 at 3:45pm

Someone Else is apparently a digital menswear magazine or some shit. I don’t really know how the kids these days get their information. What I do know is that this website/magazine/blog/thing is featuring the Chicago store Independence and a comic ...


Did Apple Invent Normcore With Their Legendary 1986 Clothing Line?

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Mon, 08.04.14 at 1:36pm

Over the past week or so a couple of sites have revisited the balls to the wall, legendary 1986 Apple clothing line. And yes, this shit was as ridiculous back then as it is right now. No matter how much ...


M4M: Looking For Male Friendship On Craigslist (And Getting Sexually Harassed)

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Fri, 08.01.14 at 12:09pm

Keeping things strictly platonic. ...


Net-A-Porter CEO Celebration Illustrates Our Miserable Existence

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Thu, 07.31.14 at 4:58pm

On July 9th, Net-A-Porter CEO Mark Sebba showed up to work on his 11th anniversary and, instead of a normal day at the office, the entire staff overwhelmed him with a congratulatory rehearsed flash mob while singing Aloe Blacc’s “The ...