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Pitching LeBron James A Free Agency Announcement Commercial

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Thu, 07.10.14 at 11:19am

LeBron, you’re more than a basketball player—you’re a worldwide brand. Jay Z announced a new album in a damn Samsung commercial. Why can’t you do the same thing? We want a commercial that people will voluntarily watch on YouTube. We ...


James Franco, Poet, Writes Poetry About James Franco, Poet

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Wed, 07.09.14 at 2:07pm

Franco on Franco. ...


I Got A Pedicure And It Was Dope

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Wed, 07.09.14 at 12:41pm

It’s weird to think about the ways in which comfort is gendered in society. We’re the ones who get to not wear our shirts when it’s hot out, and it’s not an accepted fact that a man is going to, ...


The DJ Khaled Guide To Life

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Wed, 07.09.14 at 11:46am

Be the best. ...


The Black Dogs Project

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 4:32pm

I was just scrolling through my dash and saw that the Tumblr Staff posted this thing called the “Black Dogs Project.” Apparently, black dogs are adopted way less than other dogs because they are seen as bad, violent and mean, ...


The 20 Types Of People You’ll Meet In Hell

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 1:21pm

Get to know your new, eternally damned neighbors. ...


Three Months A Hypebeast: Selvedge, Stomach Cramps And Stupidity

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Tue, 07.08.14 at 11:06am

There’s nothing worse than pants that don’t fit. Maybe war, I guess? And famine. Yeah, that’s it: war, then famine, then tight pants. I’ve never marched into battle or wanted for a meal, but for three miserable months, I willfully ...


The Americanness Of Manchester United’s New Kits

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 2:27pm

Goodbye, Patrik Ervell. Hello, Chevrolet. Manchester United has a new home kit. The previous, a sharp number that paid homage to Manchester’s connection to the textile industry (i.e. gingham), clothed the Red Devils during David Moyes’ remarkably dreadful tenure as ...


Watch Terrible People Steal Air Yeezy’s From A Homeless Guy

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 2:11pm

Wow, people are horrible. But, then again, people are awesome too. Anyhow, this video demonstrates how far some people will go to get their hands on some Yeezy’s. See, these guys got themselves some fake Red Octobers, pretended to be ...


Chic Burgs

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Mon, 07.07.14 at 12:55pm

Damn, we keep getting the shaft here in the U.S. when it comes to next level fast food offerings. You think a fucking waffle taco is mind-boggling? PEOPLE BEEN EATING SAUSAGES NEXT TO THEIR WAFFLES AT DENNY’S SINCE FOREVER. Expand ...