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Nov 21st

mr porter

Mr. Porter Does Not Like The Man Bun

Written by
Fri, 11.21.14 at 5:00pm

We’ve dished on beards and mustaches already and provided a quick guide to fostering your own man bun, but you have Grace Dent to thank for taking up the mantle on behalf of Mr. Porter and writing a strict denouncement...


Every Single Jay Z Fashion Reference Ever On One Convenient T-Shirt

Written by
Fri, 11.21.14 at 3:51pm

Guys, this is a Kickstarter that you wish you came up with, but lack the insight or patience to actually produce. This T-shirt by Art As Wrench has every fashion reference Jay Z has ever made, charted chronologically. Peep the...


The Week In NBA Style: November 21, 2014

Written by
Fri, 11.21.14 at 11:20am

Pauly C vs. the National Basketball Association....

Four Pins Newsletter

Your Secondhand Clothes Are Ruining Thrift Stores

Written by
Thu, 11.20.14 at 3:55pm

We’ve all encountered the problem before: your closet and dresser cannot hold all of the new jawnz you’ve purchased recently. You want to sell some of them off to make some money back and ensure that you can pay your...


Presumptuous Startup Bros Seriously Want To Make Vaginas Smell Like Fruit

Written by
Thu, 11.20.14 at 3:17pm

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, YOU GUYS. The Patriarchy is strong in Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome. These two biotech startup bros are trying to produce a probiotic that makes vaginas smell like fruit. The name of the product? Obviously, “Sweet Peach.”...

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Turning Worm Spit Into Silk Is Pretty Dope

Written by
Thu, 11.20.14 at 2:38pm

Not to get all technical on your ass and tell you where every material you’re wearing is sourced from or anything else that involves any real detailed explanation, but Vox posted up a pretty cool video about how silk in...

comments lead

Buy Positive Instagram Comments For Just $30 A Month

Written by
Thu, 11.20.14 at 12:00pm

Okay, lemme just preface this whole thing by stating this is geared towards women. But in an industry and community as superficial and social media based as our is, we have to bring this to your attention. For just $30,...


BREAKING: Study Concludes Men Find Women In Heels More Attractive

Written by
Thu, 11.20.14 at 11:37am

According to an extremely vital study in theĀ Archives of Sexual Behavior this month, it has been concluded SCIENTIFICALLY that men do indeed find women in high heels more attractive. Sorry, ladies. We really can’t help the fact that we are...


Skinny Mirrors Employ Evil Sorcery To Trick You Into Looking Thinner (And Buying Clothes)

Written by
Wed, 11.19.14 at 3:19pm

According to The Cut, there’s a real, actual company out there selling a special mirror that makes your reflection look about ten pounds lighter. The brand, literally called “The Skinny Mirror,” adds some very subtle curves near the edges that...


Everything Is Fake And Nothing Is Tight

Written by
Wed, 11.19.14 at 11:53am

I pitched this aritcle last week as a suggestion for an article to the (velour sweat) suits over at Four Pins Corporate and they instantly hit me back with an emphatic “down.” Honestly, the fact that they were so down...