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The Only Suitable Eyewear Pattern

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Thu, 08.28.14 at 12:36pm

Man, I’m really making a habit of doubling up on brands within the same week. WHO CARES THOUGH? I ALREADY SUBVERTED THE VOICE USED ON PRODUCT POSTS, SO WHY CAN’T I SWITCH UP THE FREQUENCY OF BRANDS COVERED? Oh wow, ...


Bad Bitch Boss Shit

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Tue, 08.26.14 at 9:07am

BRB gonna wear this with seventeen million layers and coke white sneakers and just straight channel the Wicked Witch of the West. I’M ON MY BAD BITCH BOSS SHIT. Or, like, Carmen Sandiego after she stole a bunch of landmarks ...


Never Having To Hear The Sound Of Velcro Again

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Mon, 08.25.14 at 3:29pm

These “Sofra” hats from A Kind of Guise are 100% wool and feature quilted linings and suede detailing. These are nice hats, fancy even, except for the fact that they have velcro backs (velcobacks?). That isn’t a deal breaker though ...


Relaxingly Wrinkled And Absentmindedly Baggy

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Fri, 08.22.14 at 2:40pm

These sunglasses are fucking dope. The sidebars have holes just like how glasses were made in the 18th century, which means they can come with the ill leather croakies. This is a detail I want all my glasses to have ...


Death By Seasoning

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Fri, 08.22.14 at 11:55am

You know what I fucking hate, dawgies? You gameless motherfucks. Nah, but seriously? When *apparel* stores stock stupid, artsy home furnishings. THAT IS WHAT I WOULD SAY IF I WAS A GAMELESS MOTHERFUCK LIKE YOU! End really know what’s up. ...


Maia Brings Nepal To FairEnds

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Thu, 08.21.14 at 2:55pm

My favorite hat company in the fucking universe, FairEnds, just teamed up with Maia Ruth Lee for these Nepali fabric caps. They are dope because Maia sourced the fabric in Kathmandu so this shit’s the real deal. She’s a true ...


Val Kilmer’s Personal Brand Is Dope

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Mon, 08.18.14 at 1:24pm

Guys, Val Kilmer is becoming my favorite celebrity. Dude is straight killing it with his website! Have you checked it out the Val Kilmer shop lately? Not only does he have blankets made in collaboration with Pendleton, but he’s got ...

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Julien David Teams Up With Quiksilver On The Classiest Wetsuit Of All Time

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Thu, 08.14.14 at 1:13pm

IF IT AIN’T A TUXEDO WETSUIT, DON’T RAISE IT UP. The Julien David Quiksilver collabo drops in January, but we had to show you guys the strongest black tie wetsuit out. If you’re a secret agent or just the classiest ...


Whatever The 2014 Equivalent Of “Making It Rain” Is

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Wed, 08.13.14 at 4:02pm

Welcome to today’s This Week in Bucket Hats: Waterproof Edition. So, peep game, Norse Projects makes this Elka jacket, which is a very fire raincoat. And when it comes to outerwear, a straight up 100% PU coat is a nice ...


Pretty Chill Hat TBH

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Mon, 08.11.14 at 10:14am

Like, a week ago or something, “Arby,” my Editor-in-chief, emailed me this link to this “pretty chill hat tbh.” I checked it out and was like, “Alright. Word. This is a pretty chill hat, I guess.” And then promptly forgot ...