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Taking Appointments

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Wed, 03.05.14 at 4:11pm

It was inevitability that we (read: I) would eventually endorse pouches and satchels and shit like that. Listen, everyone is gonna refer to any bag like this as a “messenger” bag, but really it’s a satchel like the one Indiana ...

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What’s The Deal With Box Logos?

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Wed, 03.05.14 at 2:32pm

It’s a good day for idiosyncratic hashtaggy objects, like these Seinfeld box logo stickers, here at Four Pins. I don’t know about you guys, but in terms of my top 10 favorite things in the world, Seinfeld is easily top ...


Cool Mugs, Bruh

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Wed, 03.05.14 at 12:41pm

Remember those awesome ass socks we showed you a few months back? You know, the ones with Biggie, Louis Vuitton monograms and Versace logos all over them? Well, now that same company is getting in on the mug game for ...


Because You’re Delusional

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Fri, 02.28.14 at 2:10pm

Orslow is a Japanese brand that makes clothes that are really hard to pull off, but you still buy because you’re delusional and you think you can dress like the guys in your favorite Japanese magazine. These US Navy hats ...


Weirdos Vs. Goths Vs. Really Hot Girls

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 2:27pm

Neighborhood’s incense chambers come out every season and every season I want to buy a really expensive, really macabre incense chamber. I completely bricked buying the booze crow, so now I really gotta buy this booze reaper one, right? Here’s ...


Kiss From A Bucket Hat

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Wed, 02.26.14 at 1:14pm

Sorry guys, but I’m filling in for Moy today on The Week In Bucket Hats. I don’t really ever wear bucket hats because they make me look like a lamp shade with a giant nose, but this one from Pigalle ...


Sensible Pins For The Sensible Lapels On A Sensible Topcoat

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 4:00pm

Cool pins and patches are so fucking cool again, guys. I remember every year there would be one kid running for student council that would have a patch with their name over the Black Flag logo or some shit. Instead ...


Whip Game Stutterheim

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Mon, 02.24.14 at 1:42pm

I don’t know about you guys, but my whip is basically the Millennium Falcon aka hella old and beat up, but it gets the job done. What I’m getting at is that my 2000 Chevy Blazer with the windshield cracks ...


Stitches Out

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Fri, 02.21.14 at 3:54pm

Let’s chat a minute about this Margiela weekender because, chances are, your weekender game is crazy lacking. But don’t underestimate the travel flex. Imagine strutting through the airport with this shit. Everyone’s got their bullshit London Fog or, at best, ...


Crazy Slash Amazing

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Fri, 02.21.14 at 12:15pm

Look, I know we’re all experimenting with style and personal looks and statement pieces and what not, but you can’t pull off a bolo tie no matter how many cool guys or editors you see wearing them. You will look ...