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Welcome To The Future Of Next Level Alphet Maintenance

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 12:18pm

I don’t have a steamer. Do you have a steamer? You probably don’t have a steamer. So what do you do on those nights when you just NEED an alphet, but your first string is dirty? Well, you gotta clean ...


Keep Your Brain Warm

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Fri, 09.12.14 at 12:06pm

It’s true, this A.P.C. hat is $95 dollars, dawgs, which is a lot for a hat, but this shit is quilted. That easily makes the pricepoint more palatable. Not really, but c’mon, guys, I just spent the last week coming ...


Kangol Spring/Summer 2015 Puts The Brand New Flavor On Ya Head

Written by
Thu, 09.11.14 at 5:07pm

Aye, Kangol got bars with these buckets. Click through the highlights of the S/S 15 lookbook featuring everyone’s favorite hat genre and get back to me in the comments with your thoughts. Or, you know what, fuck your opinions. I’m ...


Instead Of Being Judgmental, Be Prepared

Written by
Wed, 09.10.14 at 4:47pm

Winter Session makes these two-tone canvas backpacks. I like the fact that the bottom panel is a waxed canvas. I have accidentally put many a backpack in some crazy gross shit. That’s on my unobservant ass. But I’ve also been ...


Apple Is Officially On Watch

Written by
Wed, 09.10.14 at 10:52am

Greetings to all the Mac Daddies, playas and pimps out there steady surfin’ the webs responsibly. I see you playboys. Yesterday, Apple decided to smarten up the wristwear game a lil’ and release some of that new crack, straight from ...


The Mall In Town That Doesn’t Even Have A PacSun

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Tue, 09.09.14 at 1:55pm

Do you guys know about this brand Decho? BUCKETS. FOR. DAYS. You want a bucket with a pocket on it? DECHO IS YOUR GUY. You want a bucket hat with some cool stitching detailing on the brim? DECHO IS THE ...


Knowing You Could If You Really Wanted To

Written by
Fri, 09.05.14 at 1:29pm

Wings + Horns keeps turning out the hits for its 10th anniversary collaboration collection. This time they teamed up with Porter for a very nice, very expensive backpack. They call it a ‘rucksack,’ which is how you know it’s an ...


Impervious To The Haters

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Thu, 09.04.14 at 2:06pm

There’s a lot more dudes out here wearing floppy hats nowadays. Like, I remember when we all collectively shitted on the early adopters and now we kind of have to eat our words. I mean, there will always be some ...


Opening Ceremony And Intel Debut Their Wearable Tech Accessory

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Thu, 09.04.14 at 1:36pm

Yesterday, the folks over at Style dot com got the exclusive on the Opening Ceremony and Intel collaboration that has been teased for almost a year now. Instead of calling this a “smartwatch” or some other super swagless term for ...


Put Your Bucket On, Flip It And Reverse It

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Tue, 09.02.14 at 3:17pm

Wow, bucket hat technology is advancing at a rate that I can barely comprehend. Like, just a few years ago, LC and Lo were texting each other on flip phones and now we all have iPhones and reversible bucket hats. ...