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Tue, 12.09.14 at 1:14pm

Wow you guys, I can’t even keep up with all the Internet memery garments being created right now. You should get some of this content gear from Extracurriculars for the people in your life who are still very active Facebook ...


Eggnog Is All Marketing

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Tue, 12.09.14 at 11:11am

Ayy my guys, you trying to get some sterling silver jewelry in your life, but feel weird as an American wearing Native American jewelry because of, you know, that whole genocidal history of our relationship? Cop this Cause And Effect ...


Building Up Static Electricity

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Mon, 12.08.14 at 4:18pm

NEW FAIRENDS ALERT! NEW FAIRENDS ALERT! This time in polar fleece. Polar fleece is such a dope fabric—so warm and fuzzy and so good at building up a static electricity charge so you can zap motherfuckers. A lot of people ...


A Bag The Stoner In You Will Love

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Mon, 12.08.14 at 12:56pm

Damn, Outlier’s out here making really thoughtful, really carefully designed clothing and accessories suitable for a lifestyle far more active and wealthy than mine, but I still want it all. Take their new “Ultrahigh Duffle” for example. Despite giving it ...

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Not Making Enough Money To Support This Here Lifestyle

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Mon, 12.08.14 at 11:24am

Guys, I have this struggle helmet bag that I bought, like, 5 years ago when I was too poor to afford an official Porter tanker. And now, 5 years later, I’m still too poor to afford am official Porter tanker. ...


People Are Buying Tons Of Glitter Pills To Make Their Shit Twinkle

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Fri, 12.05.14 at 12:56pm

I fucking hate people sometimes. According to this article that Skylar sent me via email with the sole subject line: “dookie twinkle pills,” people are buying gelatin capsules full of non-toxic glitter, but no one really knows why. Because, according ...


Rubber Bands And A Shoebox

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Fri, 12.05.14 at 12:00pm

Photographer Paul Labonte and Justin R. Saunders aka JJJJound have the best enamel pin I’ve seen in a minute. And that actually means sometime because lately I’ve seen A LOT of fucking enamel pins. These two also have the best ...


FairEnds x Woolrich Has What You Are Severely Lacking

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Thu, 12.04.14 at 4:24pm

FairEnds has a new batch of collabo hats for you to cover your head with. This time the crew headed over to the Woolrich mill, handpicked some deadstock fabrics and then made them into hats and blankets. The dark navy ...


AARP Chaining Day

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Wed, 12.03.14 at 12:43pm

FUCK YEAH, I JUST FOUND SOME MORE LUXE CROAKIES. Listen Internet fam, I love a good luxe croakie. See, I’m getting on up there in years and sometimes I just like taking my glasses off when I’m pausing for a ...


$58 Unnecessary Affectations

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Tue, 12.02.14 at 12:10pm

I don’t know about you guys, but as far as I am concerned fancy pens are getting even cooler as their real life functionality completely fades into oblivion. Like, when’s the last time you’ve seen anyone write anything down? Whenever ...