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Hipster Holsters Are A Travesty Of Epic Proportions

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Mon, 03.24.14 at 4:34pm

I get it. We all want to be John McClane, yippee-ki-yaying it up in some high rise, shooting terrorists with machine guns all barefoot and shit. Homie looked so ill in a wife beater and a shoulder holster. BUT GUESS ...


Inspired By Gnarly Heroics, But Used To Carry Extremely Overpriced And Fragile Clothing

Written by
Wed, 03.19.14 at 5:26pm

Evidently, this Chapman holdall is based on British paratrooper drop bags. In WWII, paratroopers strapped a bag to their leg and used it to carry their Sten gun and ammunition, which is fucking crazy. It’s just as crazy that a ...


What Happened To Summer Vacation?

Written by
Wed, 03.19.14 at 1:28pm

WOOOOO! FLORAL BUCKET HAT ON DECK FOR MY SUMMER VACATION STEEZ. Remember when summer vacation was a real, actual thing in your life? Now, summer vacation is the same as every other day except you’re more sweaty than usual. But ...


The Dirty Secret Of Bucket Hats

Written by
Tue, 03.18.14 at 3:53pm

A lot of people love to wear bucket hats. Our own Jon Moy is a self-proclaimed bucket hat aficionado. He’s even gone so far as to call himself a “bucket hat purist” when presented with more outlandish bucket hat options. ...


Magnetized Hanger Innovation

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 10:54am

A wise product designer once said, “If you can find a way to use a magnet, do that shit.” Designers Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins seem to have taken this sage wisdom to heart with their latest invention, the Cliq ...


It’s Funny Because A Cat Would Never Smoke A Cigarette

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Mon, 03.17.14 at 3:55pm

Congratulations are in order for everyone who is constantly working on their accessories game. The reason why Japanese dudes are still way more stylish than the rest of us is because we don’t stay in a style pocket long enough ...


Getting TĂȘte In Larose Paris Spring/Summer 2014

Written by
Mon, 03.17.14 at 1:15pm

Larose Paris is French, if you aren’t good at picking up on things like context clues in a brand’s name. Larose makes everything from five panels to broad, floppy brims. What sets these apart from your regular ol’ hat are ...


Fairends Spring/Summer 2014 Helps In The Fight Against Shitty Girlfriends

Written by
Thu, 03.13.14 at 12:40pm

The certified killers over at FairEnds just sent over their spring S/S14 lookbook video and some shots of the new line. Indigo florals, birds of paradise prints, linen, micro dots, etc., this collection has got all you need. I wear ...


Wishing You Were Still Young And Dumb Enough To Smoke A Joint In Public

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Tue, 03.11.14 at 1:09pm

I know what you guys are thinking, “IT’S GONNA BE, LIKE, 50 DEGREES OUTSIDE SOON. SPRING HAS SPRUNG, SO WHY ARE YOU SHOWING US SCARVES? ALSO, WHY DO YOU STILL USE CAPS LOCK?” But slow your fucking roll, my guy. ...


MechWarriors: This Season’s Hottest Accessory

Written by
Fri, 03.07.14 at 1:28pm

You can keep your Rollies, mewelry, Borsalinos and even Hender Schemes because this season’s hottest accessory just dropped and it’s a fucking MechWarrior. OK, so really it’s called the “Body Extender,” but that kind of brings to mind penis enlargement ...