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This One’s For All The Overprotective Mothers

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Mon, 11.24.14 at 1:06pm

You guys gotta wear helmets when you ride your cool guy bicycles. I know for a lot of us there’s way too much windchill to even contemplate riding a bike ride right now, but we have readers all over the ...


How You Totes Ruin A Holiday Party

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Thu, 11.20.14 at 12:18pm

You guys probably only use tote bags sparingly now because you’re slaves to the fashion cycle or something. Well, I still fuck with totes heavy. I’m not giving you a reason as to why because I don’t have to justify ...


Skinny Mirrors Employ Evil Sorcery To Trick You Into Looking Thinner (And Buying Clothes)

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Wed, 11.19.14 at 3:19pm

According to The Cut, there’s a real, actual company out there selling a special mirror that makes your reflection look about ten pounds lighter. The brand, literally called “The Skinny Mirror,” adds some very subtle curves near the edges that ...


This Is Where Your Decision-Making Skills Have Gotten You

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 5:13pm

I like tiny bags like this one from Tools. They don’t hold quite enough to be useful and they’re a bit too expensive for what they are. But when you think about it, that’s why it’s a perfect fit for ...


Expect Mr. T To Slide Into Your DMs

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Mon, 11.17.14 at 2:40pm

This is a $175 piggy bank. Mr. Porter calls it a “money box” which is a not-so subtle way of telling you that if you put coins instead of folded up bills into this piggy bank, you are just so ...

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We Haven’t Even Scratched The Surface

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 3:12pm

I hope you guys haven’t sold or given away all your shawls to your little brothers or struggle cousins in college. We haven’t even scatched the surface of all the stupid and affected ways of wearing this shit. Personally, I’m ...

Watch Dan Bilzerian Shoot The Shit Out Of Some Fake Ass Watches

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Fri, 11.14.14 at 10:45am

Remember Dan Bilzerian? The legendary dude who is crazy rich and attempts to spend his money in the most egregious ways possible? He’s pretty much the definition of “money can’t buy class” or “douchebag” or “asshole,” but he owns that ...


Rick Owens, Furniture Designer, Opens Exhibition In New York City

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Thu, 11.13.14 at 4:01pm

What’s that? You were unaware that Rick Owens makes furniture? Wow, you are such an uncultured ape. Style Dot Com got the exclusive look at some of Dicky O’s most recent work you can drop into your home. Apparently, he ...



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Wed, 11.12.14 at 12:46pm

It should be well-established by now that if you throw a daisy mae brim on a bucket, ya boy is in. This particular bucket from Oslow is even reversible, with an indigo basket weave on one side and an indigo ...


Dorm Room On Fleek

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Mon, 11.10.14 at 1:59pm

Do you have a dope workstation/desk yet? NO? Even if you don’t have a job you need to have a dope ass desk in your apartment/hovel/dorm room so that shit’s on fleek. I mean, what else are you going to ...