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She Doesn’t Need To Know

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Wed, 07.30.14 at 12:56pm

Bro, you ever even seen Bullitt with Steve McQueen? Dude was so stylish that God had to take him up to heaven because we weren’t worthy of his presence on earth. And yo, that chase scene though? OHMYFUCKINGGODAMAZEBALLZ. Best in film ...


Drawn Out Psychological Justifications

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Tue, 07.29.14 at 3:15pm

Obviously, I really like caps. I don’t like calling them “caps” though because in my mind “hat” sounds way better. Personal predilections aside, this AMI melton wool hat is a hat that I would totally buy if I was looking ...

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A Flock Of Ornery Sheep

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 4:13pm

Wouldya look at that, MKI introduced a really nice rolltop backpack into their collection. Featuring 24oz. melton wool, this rollie is definitely better than a similar joint made from something boring like ballistic nylon. Sure, ballistic nylon is super durable ...


Haters Can Suck A Lemon

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Fri, 07.25.14 at 3:10pm

Hey are you guys tired of hearing about Aime Leon Dore? SUCK A LEMON HATERZ. Cause I’m here to write to you about the bags ALD did with Frank Clegg. The two bags, a backpack and a tote are available ...


Lighting A Joint With A Burning Twig

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Thu, 07.24.14 at 1:53pm

Keeping up with our ridiculous theme of fancy camping goods, this Log Tote from Winter Sessions and CampWell is perfect for your crappy apartment. Or crappy car. Or crappy tent that seemed way bigger when you imagined the measurements in ...


A $700 Sleeping Bag For When You Go Fancy Camping With Rich Girls

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Wed, 07.23.14 at 4:29pm

Scout Seattle, we know about ya. I see you swapping out Italian selvedge for that raw, uncut Japanese shit and subsequently flipping what was already the most expensive sleeping bag of all time at $487 into a $712 yam. I ...


The Exact Moment When You Realized College Was Awesome

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Mon, 07.21.14 at 5:46pm

Archival Clothing makes a bunch of stuff that I’m very into, like big ass totes, waxed canvas and sweats. And, would ya look at that, their latest lookbook features all of these things, plus my alma mater. So shouts to ...


Cop Now Because You Never Know When Things Will Die

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 3:36pm

Guys, I know buying a fedora from A.P.C. feels very struggle, but I didn’t even get the balaclava from the Kanye collection, so hear me out on this. A ways back I was all about this hat from Camo: a ...


Never Get Tasered In The Dick Again

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Fri, 07.18.14 at 12:30pm

You got that girlie right where you want her. You’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Catfish and it’s starting to get dark. You’ve just split a large gluten-free pizza and conversation is flowing (you’re not as boring as you ...

Aer’s Duffel Pack Is The One Kickstarter You Should Back

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Thu, 07.17.14 at 12:28pm

Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of Kickstarter projects because they are always lame ass denim companies. FUCK YOUR NASCENT DENIM LINE, YA HERBS. But this Aer duffel pack is fucking dope, guys. The more I hang out with fashion ...