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Don’t You Wish You Could Drop Singles?

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 4:37pm

Meyvn beamed over their latest lookbook featuring their in-house collection of scarves and hats. The scarves were made by Stock MFG in Chicago and the hats by Knickerbocker MFG in New York. Shouts to the bucket hats and the big ...


FairEnds Gets Buckets

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Thu, 01.15.15 at 11:17am

OH SNAP, FAIRENDS MAKES BUCKET HATS NOW? SORRY, OTHER BUCKET HAT MANUFACTURERS. I feel like those two sentences are the only sentences required to announce these bucket hats, but you guys come here for a bit more than that. LOLZ, ...


Bodega’s 10 Crack Commandments

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Fri, 01.09.15 at 2:54pm

Man, I really want to buy this Bodega crack commandments mug and tee pack. One, Biggie. Two, cocaine references. Three, I like fancy mugs. I’m getting older now, people, and I really appreciate sitting in my apartment, sipping coffee out ...


Samantha Was The Dope One, Right?

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Thu, 01.08.15 at 3:17pm

If you’re anything like me, you don’t really need a croc-embossed tote bag in your life. But if you’re anything like me, you also kind of really need it in your life, you know? A lot of you probably think ...

belfie stick

Butt Selfie Sticks Are Here

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 2:09pm

If traditional selfie sticks didn’t quite float your boat, DO NOT FUCKING WORRY BECAUSE NOW THERE ARE BUTT SELFIE STICKS. I would link to the recent¬†New York Times piece about selfie sticks, but I don’t want to reinforce that type ...

Larose Paris SS15 lookbook 4

Larose Paris Spring/Summer 2015 Will Distract From Your Terrifying Visage

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 1:43pm

A panic sets in on me right around the time I get S/S 15 collection emails because that’s the exact moment I realize I’ve spent all my money and I have to figure out a way to pay for a ...


Championing Idiosyncratic Looks

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 12:15pm

I wrote about some gold croakies a while back, but that particular number featured large links and, like, you might not feel comfortable flexing that hard. These new croakies from Super are a little more pared down. SOTO calls these ...

leto fanny pack

Jared Leto, Fanny Pack Salesman

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Wed, 01.07.15 at 11:50am

Jared Leto is a god, right? Like, what other guy out there could pull off being both a lead singer of a relatively big-name garbage rock band, then go right ahead and win an Oscar for playing an HIV-positive trans ...


The Most Ridiculous Products (And A Few Other Things) Of 2014

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Tue, 01.06.15 at 1:31pm

From the overpriced, to the overrated, to the downright ridiculous. ...


Indiana Jawnz

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Mon, 01.05.15 at 2:45pm

After a break of sorts, I’m starting to fuck heavily with goofy little bags like this one from Slow. I used to fuck heavily with satchels and shit in college, but that was college. You can do whatever the fuck ...