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It’s Your Mom’s Own Fault

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Fri, 03.28.14 at 2:06pm

Anonymousism not so anonymously makes really nice socks. I want these indigo joints so I can be like that Polo kid, but instead of Polo everything, I’ll be indigo everything. Just imagine how much indigo I got. Indigo long shirts, ...

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No One Expects To Get Stabbed By The Guy Wearing An Emoji Headband

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Thu, 03.27.14 at 1:54pm

I don’t know about you guys, but I generally don’t wear headbands…unless I’m playing a game of pick-up. Then, I totally do because if I’ve learned anything during my time on this planet, it’s that you can only play basketball ...

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Don’t Brick The Customization

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Thu, 03.27.14 at 12:35pm

Have you been dying to purchase a custom duffel, briefcase, carryall (it’s European!) or weekender? Well, maybe you haven’t, but that’s not a good reason to not cop one of these bespoke joints from recently launched label BAMIN (Build And ...


Vetting Potential New Members Of Hip-Hop Entourages

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Thu, 03.27.14 at 11:35am

Damn these Kapital bandanas are pretty fucking crazy. Sometimes I’m not really sure what I’d do with a cool bandana. All I ever want to do is wear them like bandit masks with rare, all black outfits, but I’m not ...


Google Glass Teams Up With Luxottica, Poised To Go Mainstream

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Tue, 03.25.14 at 2:57pm

I guess people are still talking about Google Glass, which sucks because it’s just the worst of all time, but today they announced a partnership with Luxottica, so there is a chance they’re about to hit the mainstream and teleport ...


Hipster Holsters Are A Travesty Of Epic Proportions

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Mon, 03.24.14 at 4:34pm

I get it. We all want to be John McClane, yippee-ki-yaying it up in some high rise, shooting terrorists with machine guns all barefoot and shit. Homie looked so ill in a wife beater and a shoulder holster. BUT GUESS ...


Inspired By Gnarly Heroics, But Used To Carry Extremely Overpriced And Fragile Clothing

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 5:26pm

Evidently, this Chapman holdall is based on British paratrooper drop bags. In WWII, paratroopers strapped a bag to their leg and used it to carry their Sten gun and ammunition, which is fucking crazy. It’s just as crazy that a ...


What Happened To Summer Vacation?

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Wed, 03.19.14 at 1:28pm

WOOOOO! FLORAL BUCKET HAT ON DECK FOR MY SUMMER VACATION STEEZ. Remember when summer vacation was a real, actual thing in your life? Now, summer vacation is the same as every other day except you’re more sweaty than usual. But ...


The Dirty Secret Of Bucket Hats

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 3:53pm

A lot of people love to wear bucket hats. Our own Jon Moy is a self-proclaimed bucket hat aficionado. He’s even gone so far as to call himself a “bucket hat purist” when presented with more outlandish bucket hat options. ...


Magnetized Hanger Innovation

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Tue, 03.18.14 at 10:54am

A wise product designer once said, “If you can find a way to use a magnet, do that shit.” Designers Georg Dwalischwili and Janis Karklins seem to have taken this sage wisdom to heart with their latest invention, the Cliq ...