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Amazon Wants To Deliver The Crappy Stuff You Buy Drunk At 2 The Morning Using Drones

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Tue, 12.03.13 at 12:43pm

You guys, I thought this Amazon Prime Air shit was just an elaborate Holiday Sales commercial, BUT JEFF BEZOS IS SAYING THAT IN FOUR TO FIVE YEARS TIME AMAZON WANTS TO USE DRONES TO DELIVER THE CRAPPY STUFF YOU BUY ...


A God-Forsaken Place Like Des Moines

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Mon, 12.02.13 at 3:15pm

Sure, I probably picked this Harris Tweed Deluxe cap because I’m from Detroit and it has a felt ‘D’ on it. But you could be from Dallas, or Duluth, or even a god-forsaken place like Des Moines and this hat ...


Gibraltar Trade Center Memories

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Wed, 11.27.13 at 2:54pm

I absolutely love plain flat caps like these wool joints from Norse Projects. Back in the day, you had to go to, like, the Gibraltar Trade Center to get super plain, super nondescript hats. The Gibraltar Trade Center was home ...


26 Dope Quilts

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Wed, 11.27.13 at 1:11pm

You need more interesting quilts in your life. You just do. Blankets, throws, quilts, whatever, that’s that shit that really convinces people you’re really about that well-curated life. These “Deadquilts” from Wintercheck Factory feature deadstock fabrics and ripstop nylon backings, ...


HTM Febreze

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Wed, 11.27.13 at 11:01am

There’s something magical about the holistic approach the Japanese employ when designing. Combining their personal experiences as artists, technicians, enthusiasts and consumers it’s no wonder that our counterparts in the Land of The Rising Sun continue to receive envelope pushing ...


The Clock Radio That’s As Expensive As An iPad

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Tue, 11.26.13 at 5:20pm

At the end of the day, I fucking love Monocle. I fucking love the editorials set in Kuala Lumpur, the exorbitant product recommendations and how the magazine self-immolates if brought into any class other than “First”, “Premium” or “Business”. I ...

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Made In Anywhere Else

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Tue, 11.26.13 at 1:55pm

d’emploi, who makes the awesome hats and bags we showed you the other day, just teamed up with dertbag on a collaborative duffel. It’s constructed from a durable waxed canvas and features reinforced leather handles, while the entire thing is ...


Ring Finger Stress Fractures

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Tue, 11.26.13 at 11:33am

You guys, I secretly want to be one of those guys that wears rings with skulls on them and grows a salt and pepper beard and drinks really strong booze and lives in some fucked up area like in Wyoming ...


This Stocking Is Better Than Anything You’re Actually Going To Get In It

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Mon, 11.25.13 at 3:11pm

Now that you’re getting a little older and your tastes are more refined, chances are your parents are going to completely brick your holiday gifts. You really think mom and dad are going to have a positive outlook on those ...


Deerskin Technique

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Mon, 11.25.13 at 2:29pm

It’s winter, which means it’s time to let you know (for the thousandth time) that deerskin gloves are a Four Pins essential. I’m sure there are specific reasons to use deerskin instead of cowhide, but I don’t really care. I ...