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Lying To Your Family

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Wed, 07.02.14 at 4:35pm

Guys, I’ve wanted a LexDray Tokyo Pack since I saw a LexDray Tokyo Pack on the Internet. I just can’t stop envisioning myself wearing it on my annual trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong that doesn’t exist. Check out all ...


Al Roker Money

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Tue, 07.01.14 at 2:54pm

Damn, look at Tenue de Nimes over there in Amsterdam creating home furnishings. The Tenue de Nimex x Pastoe collection features the classic FM06 steel wire armchair with Japanese denim upholstery. Very dope furniture is the next wave, guys. I ...


Backpack Symbology

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Fri, 06.27.14 at 3:30pm

This backpack is very dope because it’s very stealthy and has a healthy amount of leather zipper pulls and randomly placed pockets. Although, to be fair to the designer, they probably aren’t randomly placed at all. I think I need ...


Reflexively Making Fun Of Ourselves For Carrying Tote Bags

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Fri, 06.27.14 at 12:03pm

You guys need more tote bags in your lives again. I feel like, for a minute, everyone had a tote bag, but then we all started reflexively making fun of ourselves for carrying tote bags to the point that none ...


Leave The Conspicuous Consumption To Us

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Thu, 06.26.14 at 5:51pm

We’re always telling you guys about the hottest incenses because we know that when left on its own, you apartments probably smell like a weird combination of last night’s cooking disaster and regret. But to burn incense you need a ...


A $900 SLP Backpack For Your Sidepiece

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Thu, 06.26.14 at 11:48am

This is a nine hundred dollar backpack. You could be asking yourself why I would choose to show you a $900 dollar backpack, but you shouldn’t be. At this point you should implicity trust me with your life, let alone ...

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Go Skateboarding/Disappoint Your Parents Day

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Wed, 06.25.14 at 5:00pm

Since it was national Go Skateboarding/Disappoint Your Parents Day this past Saturday, why not pay homage by throwing up a deck for you to give a cursory glance at only to decide to go ahead and comment “nah”? Jake already ...


Fendi x Beats By Dre Will Make You Look Like A Teletubby

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Tue, 06.24.14 at 4:02pm

Beats by Dre is out here reminding everyone that Dr. Dre is still probably one of the richest doctors out there. Except that one orthodontist in Grosse Pointe that was famous for giving out king size candy bars at Halloween. ...


The Hill-Side Digital Sample Sale

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Tue, 06.24.14 at 2:49pm

OH SHIT, DID YOU FORGET THAT THE HILL-SIDE IS HAVING AN EPIC SAMPLE SALE RIGHT NOW? Be like a real New Yorker and cop all your gear at sample sales. They got it for cheap and it’s gonna go fast. ...

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Robust Brotastic Caucasian Population

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Tue, 06.24.14 at 2:03pm

You guys, I’m currently on the mission to incorporate some luxe fucking Croakies into my life. If you don’t know about Croakies you obviously did not go to a school with a robust brotastic Caucasian population. Croakies are the device ...