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Assuming You’re A Grandma

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Wed, 05.14.14 at 3:33pm

Wow, someone please—PLEASE—spend $284 of their own money on this visvim wallet/coin purse thing. Because it’s visvim, if you own this wallet, I’ll just assume it’s full of powerful psychoactive drugs and several stray hundred dollar bills. And, yeah, maybe ...


The Basic Human Desire To Own Decent Shit

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Mon, 05.12.14 at 3:17pm

Have you ever noticed that a good number of young parents wear light hiking boots? You probably have noticed that this societal niche also drives Subarus and champions Community Supported Agriculture. You probably assume these folks don’t give two shits ...


Doge On Your Lapel

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Fri, 05.09.14 at 4:40pm

Wow, Brry Bnds out here proving that there is life after a Four Pins internship and that despite it you can go on to do great things. Case in point, he teamed up with artist Dana Akashi to make these ...



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Fri, 05.09.14 at 3:46pm

Pintrill‘s name is both clever and totally fucking insufferable, but their pins are pretty on point. They represent some of our personal favorite catchphrases, from “Blessed” to “Vibes” to that crucial fire flames emoji. But the one that really tugs ...


Siki Im’s $483 Apron

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Fri, 05.09.14 at 3:05pm

Siki Im low key has some of the best personal style ever, which is probably why I’m contemplating this $483 apron. Seriously. I know we’ve talked about how cool bulletproof vests are, but murdered out aprons under bombers and tailored ...


Life Before Corrected Vision

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Tue, 05.06.14 at 3:31pm

Anachronorm had these nerd glasses made by BuddyOptical in Japan. Budd Optical’s mission is to create quality eyewear to “…be your best friend.” And when you think about it, eyeglasses are your best friend. That is, assuming you can’t see ...


Choose Your Own Adventure

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Mon, 05.05.14 at 3:17pm

nonnative completes the cypher by releasing this overdyed cotton ripstop bucket just in time for us to fully embrace spring. The weather is getting nicer, the sun is out longer, you;re drinking more pressed juices in a futile attempt to ...

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I’ve Been Drankin’…From My Scarf

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Fri, 05.02.14 at 2:41pm

Design Taxi is out here doing god’s work, letting us know about world shattering innovations like the FlaskTie and it’s new counterpart, the FlaskScarf. What is a FlaskScarf, you ask? Well, you must be a real dumb fuck because it’s ...


High-End Stormtrooper

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Fri, 05.02.14 at 1:13pm

I really want this Nanamica backpack. I would wear it with an all white alphet and some really expensive designer sneakers that look like Stormtrooper boots. Sure, I’d look like a Stormtrooper, but I bet you my get up would ...


App That Tracks Lost Sunglasses May Be Wearable Tech’s Savior, But Probably Not

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Thu, 05.01.14 at 12:53pm

Damn, wearable technology is finally turning the fuck down and maybe getting kind of useful for a change. Tzukuri is a sunglasses company pushing Bluetooth trackable sunglasses. Since I have to wear glasses in order to see anything aka survive, ...