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Who Are You? Inspector Gadget?

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 11:14am

Summer is a time full of sunshine and good vibes, but at some point, it’s going to rain. And chances are, you’re going to get caught in the storm without an umbrella, forking over $10 to some dude standing next ...


Million Dollar Bicycle Is LOL Money (If You’re Dr. Dre)

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Mon, 06.02.14 at 9:35am

Just when you thought human beings couldn’t get any dumber, a company called “The House Of Solid Gold” puts out a limited run of 13 gold bicycles that retail for a cool million a piece. I guess if you’re someone ...


Backpacks That Can Animorph

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Thu, 05.29.14 at 4:58pm

Did you guys know Master-Piece have been around for 20 years? I know, and know one’s told them that you don’t have to hyphenate “masterpiece.” Anyways, I always gravitate towards Master-Piece luggage when I’m contemplating a trip overseas. If I’m ...


Lazily Draped Over Your Shoulder

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Tue, 05.27.14 at 3:54pm

You guys, my new company that makes bespoke terrycloth towels has hit a few speed bumps. So, while you wait, pick up this towel from Neighborhood. You like leopard print gear, but you can’t really pull it off when it’s ...


Supreme And Mark Flood Make Skate Decks For People With Dead Parents

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Tue, 05.27.14 at 10:39am

Supreme has teamed up with Mark Flood for their latest series of artist skate decks. Flood is known primarily for his collages and cultural commentary (what artist isn’t?), and his collaborative decks with Supreme are fairly simple. The phrases “Mom ...

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Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Pockets So We Put A Pocket In Your Pocket Square So You Can Pocket While You Pocket Square

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Tue, 05.20.14 at 2:12pm

Wow guys, we’ve finally made it. The pinnacle of man’s technological evolution has been reached with…pocket squares that have pockets. Yo dawg, we heard you like pockets so we put a pocket in your pocket square so you can pocket ...


The Limited Pocket Real Estate Of Tight Jeans

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Mon, 05.19.14 at 3:25pm

2014 gonna be the year of aprons and weird medicine pouches and shit. Dudes are finally embracing visvim’s entire aesthetic instead of just the shoes, and jeans are getting tight again which means limited pocket real estate. HIROKI LOOKS SO ...


Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2014 Sunglasses Are For Hypocrites

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Mon, 05.19.14 at 2:34pm

Summer is coming, so it’s probably a pretty good idea to get some sunglasses lest you wanna roast your eyeballs like a couple of brussel spouts. Luckily for you, Supreme is dropping a few styles this Thursday. So, let’s address ...


I Should Be Allowed To Wear A Cape To The Funeral

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Thu, 05.15.14 at 11:51am

This is completely unfair. I really think that I should be allowed to wear my cape to the funeral. You and Sarah get to wear those cool little lace veils, which are essentially capes for your face. And don’t get ...


Assuming You’re A Grandma

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Wed, 05.14.14 at 3:33pm

Wow, someone please—PLEASE—spend $284 of their own money on this visvim wallet/coin purse thing. Because it’s visvim, if you own this wallet, I’ll just assume it’s full of powerful psychoactive drugs and several stray hundred dollar bills. And, yeah, maybe ...