London Undercover And All The Ways You Can Be A Douche With An Umbrella

You should have at least one umbrella. Yeah I know, you just bought, like, 3 parkas in the last two years. Yeah I know, that’s what taped seams and GORE-TEX are for. But every once in a while, you’re gonna need an umbrella. Why? Maybe she doesn’t have a ridiculously technical jacket designed for Mount Everest to navigate the sidewalk during a downpour. Having a nice umbrella when the forecast calls for rain will make people thing you’re prescient and classy, when really you just wanted another excuse to buy something with another ethnic print on it. The added bonus of umbrellas? You can act like a huge douchebag and point at things with them, hold doors with them, make sure people don’t cross the street before the light turns with them, you know, the list goes on into douchebag infinity. Buy the umbrella direct from London Undercover. Our life advice? That's always free.

  • Nicolas

    this umbrella is really nice, The fact that the black is outside and the navajo graphic inside, make the product humble and fashion