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New Technology Recommends What Colors To Add To Your Outfit (Assuming You Want To Ruin It)

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Fri, 04.11.14 at 3:22pm

AS Colour, a brand out of Australia, wants you to wear more color because they are not about that sad boy life. As they demonstrate in the above video, 83% of their sales come in the form of the color...


Even A Bluetooth Selife Remote Can’t Save You From Looking Like An Asshole

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Fri, 04.11.14 at 1:39pm

Of all of my first world problems (and trust me, there are dozens), selfie convenience isn’t really one of them. My skills, as I’ve demonstrated, are pretty top notch, using the phone itself as an accessory to the photo rather...


Hermés’s $14,000 Baseball Glove

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Thu, 04.10.14 at 4:25pm

This right here is a fourteen thousand dollar baseball glove. Yup. Do people who have 14K to spend on a baseball glove even know how to play catch? Probably not, right? I don’t know. Baseball seems a pretty déclassé sport...

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“Quaint” Just Means There’s No WiFi

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 4:02pm

Haerfest is pronounced “harvest,” ya dickbags. Speaking of bags, peep these backpacks that are perfect for casual stunting at your local public transportation spot or, my preferred lifestyle flex, the weekend getaway. You just overstuff one of these badboys with...


Behold, The Dick Tie!

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Wed, 04.09.14 at 3:07pm

Wow, just when I thought Etsy was about to take the crown for stupid, unnecessary products, Kickstarter kicks down the door and comes in swinging with some fucking dick ties. Yeah, that’s a dick tie you’re looking at. While in...


The Difference Between Mayans And Aztecs

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Tue, 04.08.14 at 10:55am

Consider this vintage rug expertly curated by the folks at Three Potato Four because it is Native American and thus highly spiritual and important to your living space/Instagram photos. Let’s be honest, you’re not getting the deposit back anyway after...


Apr 7th


Here’s A Backpack To Rock With Your Air Yeezy 2′s If You Like Looking Like A Total Boner

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 4:52pm

Okay, so these “Yeezy” backpacks from Magic Stick and Porter are pretty wack. Not only are the OG color schemes used in Air Yeezy 2′s extremely hackneyed, but Kanye himself is onto bigger (and maybe better) things at Adidas. But...


Someone Actually Bought This $15,000 Gold Plated Skateboard

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Mon, 04.07.14 at 2:01pm

LOL @ the “art deck” you have hanging on your wall right now. Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m taking about—the one made by that guy who collaborated with those people and did that album cover for that band...


Nestled Within Ballistic Embrace

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Thu, 04.03.14 at 12:28pm

BREAKING: I want a visvim backpack. Sure, it’s almost seven hundred dollars. Sure, it looks kind of like a Burton backpack. Sure, I already own, like, 3 backpacks. BUT GODDAMNIT I FUCKING WANT ONE. I would love to float through...


Dads In The ’80s Were Too Legit

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Wed, 04.02.14 at 4:02pm

The dad vibes are v strong with this EG bucket. This is like Kmart brand point and shoot film with the orange date and time in the right corner vacation photos vibes. Pops is on the beach in a hat...