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You Ain’t In ‘Nam, Homie

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Tue, 04.22.14 at 10:21am

Boonie hats are like bucket hats’ more intimidating older cousins. But don’t worry, there’s nothing intimidating about you wearing a fucking boonie hat. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to keep a soft pack crushed up in one of the...


Apr 21st


Stuffed To The Gills With Jawnery

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Mon, 04.21.14 at 5:07pm

These Epperson Mountaineering “Large Climb Totes” reminds me of those giant military parachute bags that you always see at military surplus stores. I own one of those parachute bags and I use it as my laundry bag, so if you...


Popping Ollies Vs. Catching ‘Em All

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Mon, 04.21.14 at 4:40pm

WOO, REVERSIBLE BUCKETS ON DECK FOR MY WHOLE SUMMER. I’m probably gonna only wear ‘em plain side out thought ’cause the rest of my wardrobe consists exclusively of weird patterns, sashiko and stripes. Sooooo many stripes. I guess, technically, this...

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D’emploi Spring/Summer 2014 Is Not For The Public Pool

Written by
Fri, 04.18.14 at 2:11pm

D’emploi just transported their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook over. Featuring more waxed canvas and dobby cloth and natural leathers, the collection is perfect for lounging on the beach with your boo. I’m all about lounging on beaches because you get to...


The Great American Pastime That Is Staring At A Girl’s Boobs While Wearing Sunglasses

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Thu, 04.17.14 at 1:22pm

Sunglasses are to summer what scarves are to winter. Yes, you can get away with not wearing them, but you probably should for style and practical reasons. See, then you can get away with not looking people in the eye...


People Will Just Assume You Have A French-Canadian Friend

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Thu, 04.17.14 at 12:58pm

Yo, this visvim candle will run you exactly $164. Or 180 if you’re Canadian. SUCK IT, CANADIANS. HIROKI AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY HAVE CONSPIRED AGAINST YOU. Anyways, I was gonna go on and on about how outrageous spending 164 dollars...


Commissioning Shit Like A Florentine Oligarch

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Thu, 04.17.14 at 10:54am

White Mountaineering and Larose Paris present two hat silhouettes available in two different patterns from White Mountaineering’s S/S 14 collection. To celebrate, Michael Thorsby was commissioned to make next level stands to showcase the headgear. Don’t you guys wish you...


A Bag So Expensive It Probably Comes With A Free Brazzers Subcription

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Wed, 04.16.14 at 12:58pm

Frank Clegg has been working that leather since 1970, which means his skills have that ill patina. They just re-launched their online store courtesy of creative agency Knowuse, making it easier than ever to cop this $9,000 alligator duffle bag....


New Technology Recommends What Colors To Add To Your Outfit (Assuming You Want To Ruin It)

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Fri, 04.11.14 at 3:22pm

AS Colour, a brand out of Australia, wants you to wear more color because they are not about that sad boy life. As they demonstrate in the above video, 83% of their sales come in the form of the color...


Even A Bluetooth Selife Remote Can’t Save You From Looking Like An Asshole

Written by
Fri, 04.11.14 at 1:39pm

Of all of my first world problems (and trust me, there are dozens), selfie convenience isn’t really one of them. My skills, as I’ve demonstrated, are pretty top notch, using the phone itself as an accessory to the photo rather...