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Mar 4th


Panthers Always Come In Pairs

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Wed, 03.04.15 at 5:23pm

Every season Neighborhood releases their sculpture incense chambers and every season I try to write about them because they’re fucking lit. This season’s animal totem is a panther. Panthers are dope. I kinda feel like you have to buy two...

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Vanderpump Rules

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Wed, 03.04.15 at 10:43am

Shout out to all my vacation friendly buckets out there. Most of the time, I’d recommend a more tonal bucket for vacation because you don’t want to be the guy that dresses full on asshole just because he’s on vacation...


Eytys’ New Bag Line Is Born Out Of The Problems That Come With An Amazing Lifestyle

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Tue, 03.03.15 at 3:37pm

Eytys has carved out a very specific lane for themselves within menswear: the super thick-soled sneaker. It’s basically a Vans Authentic with an extra 1″ of sole. But the brand is now thinking a little bigger and expanding out of...

Four Pins Newsletter

Apartments As Pokémon

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Wed, 02.25.15 at 3:54pm

I’m trying to cop as many different genres of hats possible because I want to have a really dope hat rack in my apartment. Like, it’ll be hidden behind a closet door, but when The Coveteur rolls up to profile...

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Been Chad Muska With The Pot

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Mon, 02.23.15 at 2:11pm

There are a lot of fedoras on the market right now. You’ve got to be a discerning fedora consumer if you want to get the best value for your money. Clearly, you need to buy this Larose Paris zip fedora...


Don’t Act Like You’re New

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Thu, 02.19.15 at 10:43am

Universal Works makes this bucket hat that End describes as “a refined take on a classic,” which is exactly what I like to call really eloquent racists, like the white people at the airport that are all, “If you just...


The Car Parked Itself

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Wed, 02.18.15 at 3:23pm

That’s it, I’m all in on traditional hats. Fedoras, gaucho, pilgrim, wide brims, whatever, fam. Just stop thinking about how you look driving a car that can park itself while wearing a hat that originated in, like, 1834. If you...


It Takes Money To Make Money

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Tue, 02.17.15 at 12:14pm

Bianca Chandon steady out here making a bunch of stuff I would totally buy if I had an extra hundo plus shipping and handling burning a hole in my pocket. Sometimes I feel like if I had a dope bucket...


That Hunter S. Thompson Lifestyle

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Thu, 02.12.15 at 1:46pm

Shouts to this linen EG bucket hat. Buckets like this are fucking essential to living that Hunter S. Thompson lifestyle. One time, my best friend and I were planning a road trip and we were like, “Let’s get a briefcase...


Feb 10th


Halfway Between Respectable And Ridiculous

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Tue, 02.10.15 at 5:24pm

Shout out to this floppy ass Kijima Takayuki bucket hat. This bucket is like the halfway step between a respectable bucket hat and a full-blown ridiculous floppy hat that everyone acts like they hate, but really want to see if...