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Jul 28th


Small Talk, Disengage

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 5:50pm

Brands like A Kind Of Guise always throw me because I always forget if the “a” is part of their name or not. Like, when bands purposely leave off articles in their names like “Stars” and then you’re like, “Hey...


Get To Know Your Models

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 5:30pm

Aside from the tremendous products and selection as one of the best stores you might not know, Totokaelo in Seattle is also awesome because it feels like you’re getting to know the models they use for all their items. I...


Milan’s Finest

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 4:40pm

10 Corso Como is one of those destinations you have to hit if you want anyone like an editor or even just some guy that got one piece published on the Internet about denim that one time to respect you...

Four Pins Newsletter
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A Flock Of Ornery Sheep

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 4:13pm

Wouldya look at that, MKI introduced a really nice rolltop backpack into their collection. Featuring 24oz. melton wool, this rollie is definitely better than a similar joint made from something boring like ballistic nylon. Sure, ballistic nylon is super durable...


White Mountaineering Spring/Summer 2015 Showcases Your Smugness

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 3:44pm

God, just look at these dudes in the White Mountaineering S/S 15 collection. They’re all so fucking smug. Ugh, you seeing this? Dude in look 3 is all like, “Yea, my last name is in fact Stealurgurl and this shirt is...

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What Do J. Crew’s Hashtag Shorts Say About #Menswear?

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 3:29pm

I can’t tell if these J. Crew hashtag shorts (now on sale!) are a sign that #menswear is dead or that #menswear is so self-absorbed that anytime it sees a hashtag it thinks of itself and its relationship with the...


In Fashion Advertising, Does Sex (And Controversy) Still Sell?

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 2:56pm

Fashion advertisements have long sparked controversy. You know, Mark Wahlberg in his Calvins, sexed-up hipsters for American Apparel, a model titty fucking a bottle of Tom Ford cologne, et cetera. Ah, the good old days. Those are all relics of...


Competing With Ethnically Ambiguous Guys From Vancouver

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 2:19pm

The Pool Aoyama, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s retail concept that still kind of confuses me, just released a lookbook. Still, shouts to Fujiwara cause he created a lookbook that embodies why most single dudes still persist on Tumblr. Don’t front, you stay...


Soccer Dads

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 1:52pm

Soccer moms get all the shine, but what about soccer dads? Soccer dads are pretty chill tbh. I had a soccer mom and a soccer dad for parents. I lived in the fucking ‘burbs, man, what did you expect? My...


Italian Boy Bands

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 1:12pm

Shouts to Skylar for doing all the S/S 15 market week recap posts. I did that shit once and I never ever came back to another fucking market week. Real talk, I went with some interns and even our overlord...


The Secret Of The Ooze

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 12:52pm

For some unknown, godforsaken reason, TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze has a 36% ratting on Rotten Tomatoes. In what world do these critics live in? Did they not see how those powdered doughnuts got the crew out of...


The Oreo Complex

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 12:33pm

When you’re in middle school, fitting in is the name of the game. You’re going to dress like the people you hang out with, you’re going to listen to the same music that your friends are bumping and you’re going...


Garm Game As Wavy As Ever

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 12:06pm

Remember Clothsurgeon? Well, shit, they still exist and their garm game is as wavy as ever. This Garrincha FC Hoodie in particular is pretty fuckin’ tight. I initially thought it was constructed of some speckled fabric, but it’s actually just...


Peak Grease Monkey

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 11:40am

Monday morning is the perfect time to remember you have no tangible skills and this Patrik Ervell “Mechanics Jacket” does just that. For the fellas who spent the entire weekend on a Netflix bender during the day and a bender...


Cybergoths: They’re Just Like Us!

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Mon, 07.28.14 at 11:11am

Wow, they are A LOT of subcultures out here. Peep this video and learn the ten essentials for a solid Cybergoth look. LOL EVEN NERDIER VERSIONS OF NERDY SUBCULTURES HAVE EXPERTS TALKING ABOUT THEIR “10 ESSENTIAL.” WE REALLY ARE ALL...